Student Spotlight: Student of the Month Richelle Hudson, Medical Assistant Program

Medical assistant student Richelle Hudson is Globe University-Appleton’s student of the month for June and July. Globe University was not Richelle’s first attempt at college. A returning student who already holds an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree, Richelle decided to go back to school to have a better life for her family. Keep reading to find out more about Richelle’s experience at Globe University.

Richelle Hudson, medical assistant studen

Richelle Hudson, medical assistant student

What motivates you with your education?

My biggest motivation with my education is my family. I want to do this to have a better life for all of us.  I also have to admit that I am motivated by a need to succeed at anything I set my mind to—and I have set my mind to this!

What impact has college made on your life?

This is my second time through college. I already hold a BA and an AA. I appreciate what I am learning and the opportunities being given to me so much more this time. It has made a huge impact on me for the good!

Is there a staff or faculty member that has made a difference for you?

Several staff and faculty members have made a wonderful influence on me during my time here at Globe. They continue to encourage me and help me move forward, but the one individual who has really influenced me the most and who has made me feel like I can really do this is Michelle Vanden Heuvel (medical assistant, medical administrative assistant and health care management program chair).  She is a wonderful, helpful and inspiring instructor.

What makes Globe University-Appleton different from other schools?

Globe University-Appleton is different from anything else I have ever experienced in school because it is like a family. It is such a network of encouragement and help. I am always happy to walk through the doors and get to class. It is an environment of family, encouragement, laughter, fun, learning and togetherness.

Do you have any advice for fellow or future students at Globe University?

My advice for students—present and future—is don’t give up! This school has so much to offer and students need to take advantage of every second of it!

Why did you choose Globe University?

I chose Globe because of a friend’s recommendation. She graduated from the massage therapy program. When she brought me to campus, I was impressed. I was in a bad place in my life, and Globe was a lifeline for me. It gave me hope and a new purpose! I would recommend this school to anyone looking to better themselves.

Medical Assistant Program Chair Michelle Vanden Heuvel said, “Richelle is a great student who will do well in whichever area of the health care field she ends up finding a career! She has a true passion for helping others, which shows when she assists other students during class and student tutoring!”

Keep up the hard work in the rest of your program, Richelle! You are doing great!

Written by Gina Havlovick, director of admissions