Student Spotlight: Vet Tech’s Trina Olson Gets Good News!

As a student at Globe University-Wausau campus, I recently met Mike Husnick of the Good News Project at the 2014 Wausau Business Expo during a school field trip. So when the chance arose recently to volunteer at the Good News Project office in Wausau, I thought it would be an opportune time to learn more about the organization.

Photo of Trina Olson in front of Good News Project building in Wausau

Trina starts her day at the Good News Project

I learned that the Good News Project performs a variety of services for communities across the globe. They may be most known for providing supplies and opportunities to underprivileged communities in the West Indies, but their cause is also close to home. They provide services to the local community through programs like Health Equipment Lending and E-Cycling. Their efforts touch many people and every volunteer seems to make a difference.

When I considered the large scale operation of Good News Project, I wondered how I could make a difference in just one Friday afternoon. The answer? Gardening. Strange idea, right? I had originally thought I would be cleaning equipment for the Health Equipment Lending Program, but the option to work outside was irresistible.

The afternoon started out quietly with my organization of fliers for an upcoming event. When I moved outside to work on the garden, I had time to think. Fixing up the outdoor space at their Wausau office was helping the Good News Project. The staff I met including Mike, Toni Schmitt, and Christine Daniels had more important matters to attend to besides grounds keeping. I realized it was important to spend my afternoon sweating in the sun so the Good News team could focus on their “real” work indoors. Although I am sure they were secretly wishing they could be outside on that gorgeous day, even if gardening is not their favorite activity.

I learned a thing or two about gardening that day—it is really hard work! And it is difficult, at least for me, to distinguish weeds from the “good” plants. But mostly, I rediscovered the value in volunteering. It was obvious to me that Good News Project appreciates the help when Executive Director Christine mentioned, “I think it is great when we can connect with servant-minded students in the Wausau area to better our local and global communities.”

Photo of Trina Olson weeding the gardens of the Good News Project

Trina Olson deciding if this one is a weed

I am grateful that organizations like Good News Project exist to help shape our world—both locally and globally—into something to be proud of. I am also thankful for Globe University who works with such organizations to help them meet their goals. Not only has Globe helped me further my education but the university has re-inspired me to seek out and participate in real change. Now, what is a better lesson to acquire from school than that?

Written by Trina Olson, student ambassador in the veterinary technology program