Summer Graduates Share What Globe University Means to Them

For 58 graduates, their educational journey was one that provided great confidence.

Graduates, their family members and friends joined Globe University-Madison East and Globe University-Madison West faculty and staff to celebrate the Summer 2013 class at the Sheraton Hotel in Madison, Wis.

Serving as the graduate speakers were students Joshua Rose, who graduated with his bachelor’s degree in health care management; Ellen Bass, who earned her associate degree in massage therapy; and Jeremy Parish, who received his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and graduated with high honors.

Globe University Graduation

Graduates speak from the heart. From left: Representing the Madison East campus, Joshua Rose; representing the Madison West campus, Ellen Bass; and representing the online division, Jeremy Parish.

“See, the military gives you a confidence and preparation that you can take on the world no matter who’s in your way,” Joshua shared. “But Globe gives you a confidence and preparation that is tangible and measurable; knowing that as soon as we all walk out these doors we can use it and be able to teach others what we have acquired from all of these great, wonderful, and talented individuals that are here sharing this great accomplishment with us today at this moment.”

“With the help and encouragement of my instructors and fellow classmates, I never felt like I was a failure,” Ellen said. “My instructors at Globe University loved to keep me busy, but I earned the best grades of my life. During our massage clinics at Globe University, there was nothing more rewarding than hearing people thank me for relieving their pain and stress. I truly fell in love with helping people through massage. Needless to say, but I will say it anyway, I was succeeding. I found my passion. I found ambition. I found self-worth. This time I was not the ‘stupid one’.”

Globe University Graduation

Graduates Samantha Young and Sula Xiong.

“I have always thought where I would be in the future, what I would do,” Jeremy said. “But now it is crystal clear to me that I am passionate about my degree choice and the folks at Globe University have helped me in deciding and are still here today. We all can live a brighter future and a better tomorrow. That’s why I am proud to be graduating from Globe University.”

John Puckett, director of plant services at St. Mary’s Healthcare, served as the keynote speaker.

“To build a home, a carpenter begins with blueprints,” John said. “To make a cake, a baker starts with a recipe. Those are concrete examples of what it means to ‘begin with the end in mind,’ the second of Steven Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Beginning with the end in mind involves imagination—the ability to envision your future. Decide what you want to accomplish in your lifetime and what are the steps needed to accomplish your dreams?”

Congratulations to our Summer 2013 graduates and here is to your successful futures.

  • Dana Alder, Associate in Paralegal
  • Lyndsy J. Allen, Associate in Veterinary Technology
  • Amber Baird, Associate in Veterinary Technology*
  • Ellen Bass, Associate in Massage Therapy
  • Lorie Ann Blalock, Associate in Medical Assistant
  • Bionca Buie, Associate in Medical Assistant
  • Crystal Clements, Associate in Veterinary Technology
  • Mackenzie Cone, Associate in Medical Assistant
  • Emily R. Cronk, Associate in Criminal Justice
  • Sharon Dahlke, Associate in Veterinary Technology*
  • Karla Dean, Associate in Medical Assistant*
  • Melissa Disch, Associate in Medical Assistant
  • April Ember, Associate in Veterinary Technology
  • Shade C. Garrett, Associate in Medical Assistant
  • Katherine Garrity, Associate in Paralegal
  • Elizabeth Ann Gillitzer, Associate in Music Business
  • Ashley Golackson, Associate in Veterinary Technology
  • David K. Gonzalez, Associate in Information Technology*
  • Michelle L. Hallada, Associate in Medical Assistant*
  • Nicole D. Hallstead, Associate in Veterinary Technology**
  • Rachel D. Hamilton, Diploma in Medical Assistant
  • Tracy Hanson, Bachelor’s in Accounting
  • Lucinda Lindsay Harris, Associate in Medical Assistant*
  • Amanda Korryn Hatzinger, Bachelo’rs in Business Management
  • Ray T. Hinman, Associate in Managerial Accounting*
  • Casey Jones, Diploma in Business Administration
  • Kylie J. Knoblauch, Bachelor’s in Veterinary Technology*
  • Afi Lake, Diploma in Massage Therapy
  • Donna M. Larsen, Associate in Veterinary Technology
  • Mary Kathleen Meyer, Diploma in Medical Assistant*
  • Dave Moore, Bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting
  • Renieva Marie Nelson, Associate in Medical Assistant
  • Kimberly Norona, Associate in Sales and Marketing
  • Jeremy Parish, Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice**
  • Mauricio David Pena, Associate in Business Administration
  • Becca Phillips, Associate in Veterinary Technology*
  • Electea Pryor, Diploma in Medical Assistant
  • Todd J. Rasmussen, Associate in Veterinary Technology
  • Joshua Timothy Rose, Bachelor’s in Health Care Management
  • Saralyn Elizabeth Santoyo, Associate in Veterinary Technology*
  • Nicole Schiesl, Associate in Paralegal
  • Bobby Shorter, Diploma in Medical Assistant
  • Joseph D. Siegel, Associate in Paralegal
  • Tiffany Ann Smith, Associate in Business Administration
  • Sebrina Lynn Smith, Associate in Business Administration
  • Katelyn L. Sopha, Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice
  • Amanda Soto-Wadel, Associate in Medical Assistant*
  • Megan R. Stewart, Associate in Veterinary Technology
  • Dawn Marie Storlie, Associate in Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Shawn Marie Terry, Diploma in Medical Administrative Assistant*
  • Cecilia H. Thao, Associate in Business Administration
  • Courtney Nicole Tomczak, Associate in Veterinary Technology*
  • Alexandra Wilson, Associate in Veterinary Technology*
  • Felicia Wilson, Associate in Veterinary Technology*
  • Jeanie Witt, Masters in Business Administration**
  • Sula Xiong, Associate in Criminal Justice
  • Samantha Young, Associate in Health Fitness Specialist
  • Paula Rae Zenz, Associate in Medical Assistant*


*indicates honors, **indicates high honors