Two Reasons Volunteering Pays Off

Two Globe University-Madison West students’ days just got brighter as they were awarded the Community Service Scholarship. Kayle Nieuwenhuis, a medical assistant student, and Renee Scovill, a student in the criminal justice program, both received $2,000, which will go toward their tuition.

Small Gestures Make a Huge Difference

“I was very excited to find out I won,” Kayle said. “This means a lot for me because [with] my financial situation, I was really in need of some help. This really helped me out financially and took the stress off of paying for my education, so now I can focus on school.”

community service scholarship

Since the age of seven medical assistant student, Kayle Nieuwenhuis (left), has been involved in various community services. She is pictured with Brittanie Dempsey, financial aid manager.

Kayle’s scholarship entry talked about her history and beliefs behind community service.  “I’ve always been involved in community service,” Kayle said.  Her volunteer experience is vast. Ranging from picking up trash to caring for an elderly woman, each occasion brings Kayle great joy.

“For me, it doesn’t have to be something you have to sign up for or plan for,”  Kayle shared. “Community service is something you do every day, pick up trash or helping out strangers. People have so much power to change another person’s day. I think that is community service. I don’t think it has to be very large; just a simple gesture can tell someone that they are not alone.”

“As a continuing Globe University student, I have learned many things,” Kayle wrote in her essay.  “What has impacted me the most is the strong close-knit community provided within these walls. By learning and growing in such an encouraging environment, I believe we as students are able to take these values learned here and make positive changes in the community.

‘Volunteering is Second Nature to Me’

For Renee, winning brings relief. “Winning this scholarship allows me to finish my degree and take the financial burden off,” she said. “I’m excited about that because trying to finally get my degree will be awesome.”

community service scholarship

She continued,

“I’ve been involved since I was young because I’ve grown up surrounded by the importance of the community aspect of volunteering. I’ve been doing it for so long that volunteering is a second nature to me.”

Renee’s volunteer focus is with the military. “I’m an auxiliary member with my VFW post 8043 here in Madison and we do a lot to help both our inactive and active veterans,” Renee explained. “We send care packages overseas, and in addition to that we help those here at home.  We just did a huge car show fundraiser for the Badger Honor Flight. We try to do as much in our community as we can. I’ve also helped out with family and other people I know.  Recently, I volunteered at a Make a Wish fundraiser for a local boy who is terminally ill.”

So what inspires Renee to stay connected in her community and volunteer? In her words, family.

“My grandfather was a recipient of the silver star in World War II, so the vets hold a special place in my heart,” Renee said. “I have many friends and family in service as well. When you look at the aspect of your friends and family fighting a war, it’s a different lifestyle. We try to do this knowing that they don’t have much over there and they have to rely on us back home to make sure they have that little piece of home overseas.”

Renee shared another benefit to volunteering, a great networking opportunity. “Volunteering allows you to network; you really get to know a lot of people who can help you in your career field. The more you get involved, the better chance you get your foot in the door into something that you really want to do.”

More about the Community Services Scholarship

The Community Service Scholarship is offered to two qualified applicants each quarter. The scholarship provides tuition assistance to selected students based on the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled in a diploma, associate or bachelor’s degree program.
  • Be a continuing student by having completed at least one term at Globe University.
  • Not be in arrears with financial aid or have an outstanding balance with Globe University.
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Meet and maintain a 90% attendance ratio.
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits per quarter.

Complete information can be found on page 21 in the Globe University 2013 catalog. If you have questions, see our Financial Aid Department.