What Makes Nicole Wrage Our Essential Piece

Each quarter at Globe University-Sioux Falls, we give special recognition to students, staff and faculty with the Essential Piece Award. This award is for those who vet tech programconsistently go beyond to be an essential piece of our campus community. This time, we selected two shining stars on our campus for the award: Veterinary technology program student Nicole Wrage, and instructor Dr. Ben Oien. I recently sat down with Nicole to learn more about her background. 

What led her to Globe University–Sioux Falls

Nicole grew up and currently lives just outside of Dell Rapids, S.D., on a small acreage. She graduated from Dell Rapids Public High School in 2011 with high honors. Nicole participated in the local 4H program for 10 years and her school’s FFA program for four years. Her spare time consists of training and riding horses, caring for the variety of livestock that her family owns (cattle, horses, pigs, chickens, a rabbit, cats, dogs, hamsters, parakeets, and a hedgehog), helping her uncle on his dairy operation, and numerous other outdoor activities.

She started her first job when she was 16 years old, working at the Dells Vet Clinic as a kennel attendant, which she is still currently does. When she graduated from high school she headed up to SDSU to major in animal sciences. However, while there she realized that she missed being at the clinic, helping and handling animals every day. This is what led her to Globe University. It was the closest school to home where she could get her associate degree to become a veterinary technician.

What does she like most about Globe University in Sioux Falls?

Nicole says she really appreciates and values all of the hands-on activities and actually getting to work with living animals every day.


Her parents’ success as well as her drive to be successful and helpful in the world today inspire Nicole.

vet tech programWhat accomplishment holds the most pride?

Maintaining highest honors in school is a big one, but others include being able to pay for half of her schooling as she continues to train and show her own horses and livestock.

What being an Essential Piece means

It is a great honor to be Essential Piece. Nicole stated, “It makes me realize that all my effort does in turn payoff and working hard for your dreams is the route to take if you want to be successful.”

On community

To Nicole, community means being one together no matter the situation. A community is always there for each other in a time of need or time of celebration. They welcome others and help them in their endeavors no matter what.

What does her family think about her attending Globe and recieving the Essential Piece award?

Everyone that she knows is very proud of her accomplishments, but was not surprised at what she has accomplished.

Here’s something unique about Nicole that only close family and friends would know (until now):

She prides herself as an open person but one thing that may be unknown is that she is obsessed with dog collars and horse headstalls. Her dog has 10 different collars and she is always eyeing new fancy headstalls for her horses.

It does not matter what program or who you are on campus; those who know Nicole know her dedication and drive toward success. There is no doubt that she will make a great vet tech.

Dr. Kreider noted in his nomination, “She does double duty working at a vet clinic in Dells yet manages to have excellent grades.  On a recent field trip, she was the lone student who stayed back and helped me put things back where they belonged and clean instruments etc. I’ve seen her do the same in the surgical setting. She is excellent!”

She is a wonderful student and will make an excellent technician for some lucky clinic. Nicole is very hardworking and never complains about any extra duties that are placed on her. Also she is a good team member who is willing to hlp anyone out at anytime while she is here on campus.”  ~ Angie Sieler, CVT

According to Kim Sieverding, veterinary technology program chair, Nicole has always made her education her number one priority and it shows in her excellent grades and amazing hands on skills”

Congratulations Nicole! You are truly an Essential Piece. Nicole will be heading out on Externship next quarter at All City South. Her graduation in December will be bittersweet, as she will be missed greatly on campus. Nevertheless, someone out there will get a dedicated, fun and talented new employee who knows that it takes more than just a punch on the time clock to be valuable.