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5 Tips for Switching Careers

Switching careers can be stressful. There is a lot to consider, such as what career you want, the qualifications you may need — additional education, training, certifications, etc. — and getting financially prepared. And while change is never easy, switching careers is a common and often necessary step in our professional development. No one wants
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How to Be a Rockstar Intern

Scoring an internship as a college student can open doors. From making connections to learning the day-to-day duties you execute on the job, internships can be rewarding and enlightening. It’s more than fulfilling credits toward your degree. As the old saying goes: you’ll get out of it what you put into it. Taking advantage of
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5 Interview Mistakes to Avoid

The typical lineup of job interview guidelines are so common we could recite them in our sleep. Dress professionally, be on time, don’t chew gum, give a firm handshake… But what about the lesser known job interview mistakes people make Don’t fall victim to these five interview blunders. 1. Not researching the company You’ve already
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