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Benefits of a Project Management Certificate

Project management has become a necessary skill in business, information technology (IT) and healthcare management. A project management (PM) certificate program that will teach you the knowledge and processes of project management and allow you to lead projects successfully and with confidence. “Business professionals are now routinely asked to participate in and lead projects in
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10 Key Qualities for IT

Working in IT allows you to play a key role in a business’s success, and while you’ll need plenty of technical know-how, there are some other skills that will help you out as well. Great Communication Skills: In IT, you need to be able to not only implement ideas and keep up with technology, but
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LinkedIn Tips for IT Professionals

As you enter the job market in search of IT jobs, you may find yourself a little dazzled by all of the options out there. How can you position yourself to be found by recruiters offering information technology jobs? One tool that should be in your tool belt as you start the search is LinkedIn.
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