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Running Into Trouble at the Bellin Run

Medical Students Volunteer in Medical Tent and Water Station Students from the CMA Review course and Patient Care II classes volunteered their time and energy to help assist with the Bellin Run by working in the medical tent and the water station. The students helped runners who encountered problems supplied water for participants. Jenni Derpinghaus, externship coordinator
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Students Clean-up After the Cellcom Marathon

Students from Globe Green Bay’s MA286 (CMA Review) course volunteered through Unity Hospice, one of the Green Bay Cellcom Marathon’s charity partners. The students got a chance to help clean up the course after the Cellcom Marathon This is one of four volunteer opportunities that the instructor, Jenni  Derpinghaus offers the MA286 class. We want our CMA
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Anatomy and Physiology students build bendaroos brain and playdough heart for classroom activity!

  The brain is made out of Bendaroos.  The purpose was for hands-on learning about brain structure; namely, the different lobes of brain tissue, and the membranes (meninges) of the brain.  After listening to a PowerPoint about major brain structures, then we also did a diagram together. Then, it was fun to see the students
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