MSB – Rochester Welcomes High School Graduates to Campus

As one journey ends, another one begins. The new journey can be nerve-racking for many, especially when you are a high school graduate and now an “adult.” The admissions team at MSB Rochester were pro-active to help eliminate any first quarter jitters.

highschoolMixerOn Thursday, June 30, 2016, admissions staff hosted a high school mixer. The goal of this event was to welcome all the high school graduates to the campus and celebrate their recent graduation.

We have all been there. Change is never easy and can be stressful. Going to college is a huge step and the first quarter is usually the hardest for students. They are adjusting to the rigor and expectations of being a college student.  The event was designed to allow them to interact with staff and faculty and each other in a more social and laid back setting.

Nicki Becklund, who just graduated from Plainview-Elgin-Millville High School, said she found the event helpful before starting in the vet tech program.

“Before I thought it was going to be awkward, but everyone was really nice, and it helped me get to know the other students and staff better. I liked how inviting everyone was, and it really gave me confidence in starting college, showing me that I’m never alone, and I can always ask for help,” Becklund said.

Leah Wroge, a message therapy student who graduated from Decorah High School in Iowa, said she really liked the event as well.

“It was nice to be around students that are in my shoes, going from high school right into college,” Wroge added.


Pizza and pop were provided as students interacted, and icebreakers were played. The highlight of the event was when the graduates were given their college survival kit. This included pens, paper, highlighters, headphones, caffeine and other random goodies.

Post written by Laura Thomas, Senior Admissions Representative.