3 Purposes of a Community Dinner

vet tech schoolOn a blustery winter evening, thoughts go to warm comfort food and a great place to enjoy that food. And what is better than enjoying that meal with good people? That is exactly what happened recently at Globe University in Moorhead. The Community Partner Dinner brought together huge pieces of cheese-smothered lasagna with more than 60 local partners.

The purpose of the community dinner is threefold:

  1. Thank the partners for all they do to make Globe University a success.
  2. Strengthen relationships with our partners. By deepening relationships, Globe University has the resources needed to serve students.
  3. Finally, the Community Partner Dinner allows Globe University to get more involved in their community.

Community partners consist of local employers, vendors and nonprofit organizations. Some partners provide externships or jobs to our students. Some of the partners have employees they would like to send to Globe University for further education. And yet others are recipients of Globe University services, such as the local animal shelter. The shelter provides animals in need of shots, which our vet tech school provides as part of the learning curriculum.

The evening began with a warm welcome from Melinda Rustad, campus director. Angelique Goulet, director of admissions, shared how thankful Globe University is for each and every student. Jesika McCauley, director of career services, spoke about students ready to be placed in the workforce for those in the group looking for the perfect employee. Many staff from Globe University were also present to assure each guest was personally thanked.

Altony’s Italian Restaurant provided dinner, which included lasagna, crisp salads, bread sticks and an array of Italian desserts.

Globe University is changing the world, one degree at a time. Through events such as the Community Partner Dinner, that degree is reaching 360 degrees and coming full circle.