4 Steps to Rock Your First Semester in College

With only one quarter in the veterinary technology program behind her, Marie O’Dell has started out with a bang and was nominated by not one, but two instructors as April’s Student of the Month at Globe University-Madison East.

Not only does Marie go to school full time, but she also works two jobs.  She works as a resident care technician at Mendota Mental Health Institute and recently picked up a second job at a farm where she helps take care of horses, donkeys, pigs, chickens, goats, and a buffalo.

When asked what the secret to her success at Globe has been thus far, Marie gave four pieces of advice to students just starting college:

veterinary technology program

Student of the Month Marie O’Dell

  1. Get Involved.  Marie said getting involved on campus was the best decision she made at school. She joined the vet tech club, which instantly helped her make friends and study buddies on campus.  Besides clubs, Marie says being involved in your classes can also help. Last quarter, Marie was engaged in her Global Citizenship class and ended up helping save the MacKenzie Environmental Education Center from being shut down. Marie said, “The more I got involved in things, the more excited I got and the more I wanted to be involved.”
  2. Get to Know Your Program Chair. Program chairs want to get to know all of the students in their program, and Veterinary Technology Program Chair Heather Wipijewski is no exception.  Each quarter she sets up meetings with new and current students to learn what their goals are and how she can help them achieve them.  Get to know your other instructors as well. Ask questions and be attentive. They will appreciate it and you will learn more.
  3. Attend Extra Workshops.  Each quarter student workshops are held during the first week of class. These workshops focus on areas such as study skills, budgeting, and tips for finding a job.  Marie credits some of her first quarter success to these workshops. “I attended the note taking seminar and it really helped me with my study habits,” she said.
  4. Manage Your Time.  Being in college, working two jobs, and making time for family and friends can be quite the task, but if you learn to manage your time it doesn’t feel as hectic as it sounds.  Marie keeps track of her life on two calendars, one on her phone and a paper copy. “I color code items so I can easily distinguish between my two job schedules, classes, club meetings, family engagements, and other events,” she explains. “It’s really helped me keep track of everything.”

These may seem like easy steps to implement, but the first quarter in college can seem overwhelming for some. These tips are great for any student, whether they are in their first quarter or almost through their program.  It’s never too late to amp up your success.