5 Common Pet Questions Answered

Sick of trying to get your dog to lose weight with no success? Frustrated because your cat is scratching up your living room furniture? This new blog series will help answer your pet problems by tapping into the minds of our vet tech program students at our Globe University-Green Bay campus. We are asking you, the reader, to submit your pet-related questions, and our students will offer solutions, with our staff members confirming the correct response.
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Here are the first five questions:

1. Why should you use flea preventatives for your pets?

You don’t want your pet to get fleas! It is much easier to prevent than to treat. By ensuring your pet is up to date with flea preventative it also helps keep your pet away from diseases that fleas carry.

Instructor Gabrielle Radford says “Correct!”

2. My dog is overweight. How can I get my dog to lose weight?

Exercise your dog regularly, ensure a proper diet and no table scraps!

Instructor Gabrielle Radford says “Mostly correct.” Food does not equal love and many types of people food can be very high in fat. Also fattening is feeding your adult dog a puppy food.

3. My cat is scratching up furniture, carpeting and more. How do I get my cat to stop?

There are a couple of ways you can help with this problem. Make sure that you have scratching posts for your cat and make sure they are not in a corner. Scratching posts should be in an open area, but not a high traffic area. Some other alternatives you can try is using cat nip spray on the scratching posts. Use tin foil in areas the cat should not be scratching or try double-sided tape.

Instructor Radford says “Correct!” You can also use soft paws.

vet tech program

4. My cat throws up after he eats. what is causing this?

Check how much you are feeding your cat. It is not recommended to free feed as you cannot control how much and control weight. Is your cat having hairballs? Look at the brand name of the food you are feeding your cat and the main ingredients.

Instructor Radford says “Check with the vet!”  If your pet is vomiting after eating make sure you bring your pet into a vet to get checked out. Putting large rocks in your pet’s food dish also slows your cat down when eating.

5. My dog hates going to the bathroom in the rain and won’t go. What can I do?

Wait long enough for your dog to really need to use the restroom. Put your dog on a leash and try taking him or her out that way.

Instructor Radford says “Correct.” Walking it on a leash should be helpful and make it a positive experience by bringing treats. If the animal is scared it will be more difficult to get it to take care of business.  

Please submit your pet related questions to Nicole Virant at nvirant@globeuniversity.edu. We will answer them on a monthly basis.