A Christmas Wish for Pets Granted at Globe University

Santa arrived early at the Globe University-Wausau campus… but it appears that only pets made the nice list!

Photo of students with holiday tree

Anissa Kimm and Jayne Bloomer decorate this tree to encourage donations for Christmas Wish

Recently, the holiday tree in the commons was piled high with pet-related items that will find their way to local shelters due to the efforts of local radio station 95.5 WIFC, spearheaded by morning show personality Stacy Cole, in partnership with Marathon Town & Country Store. Together, they sponsored Christmas Wish, a donation drive to benefit five local animal shelters with food, toys, cleaning supplies, newspapers, leashes and collars, and other necessary items.

Through various community and social media connections, veterinary technology program chair Stephanie Daniels learned of Stacy Cole’s efforts and talked to her about how Globe University-Wausau could help. Stephanie talked about this opportunity with the VT club and in classes, and this immediately caught the attention of veterinary technology student and Student Ambassador Jayne Bloomer.

“Jayne contacted me about jumping in on the project as soon as she saw the information about the drive,” Stephanie said.

“I wanted to do something like this, but I wasn’t sure of how to go about it,” Jayne said. “I was excited to be able to help out!”

With the veterinary technology students and the club on board, the next step was to generate interest on campus. Jayne and fellow veterinary technology student Anissa Kimm provided inspiration by decorating the tree in the lobby and the nearby donation boxes.

“I had fun decorating,” Anissa said. “I was happy to do my part.”

They didn’t stop there. They spread the word using e-mail, social media, flyers and word of mouth. Anissa took flyers home so she could talk to her family about the project, and her mother and stepfather gladly pitched in.

“They love supporting animals,” Anissa said. “And I love shopping for animals, so it was exciting for me, too!”

Jayne also encouraged her friends and family to support the efforts. “I shared our post on my personal Facebook page to encourage other students, family and friends to donate items for the shelters. I also made sure to talk about the donation drive in my classes.”

Stephanie also made sure to talk about the drive with Globe-Wausau’s partners in the community. When she mentioned it to Stevens Point Animal Hospital, they offered to help out with five large bags of food. Along with the generous contribution from Stevens Point Animal Hospital, the Globe-Wausau campus was able to donate cleaning supplies, five bags of newspaper, cat litter, pet food, collars, toys and trash bags.

Photo of the Donations for Christmas Wish piled around the tree

Donations for Christmas Wish piled around the tree

Stephanie expressed her gratitude to all those who participated and contributed to this cause:

“Thank you to all who donated, especially Stevens Point Animal Hospital, and the students who embraced this project, like Jayne Bloomer. At the holidays, it’s the perfect time of year to think about those in need in our community, including our furry friends. Shelters depend so much on donations and volunteers. This was a wonderful opportunity for our veterinary technology department to get involved.”

Jayne, too, was grateful for the opportunity.

“My passion has always been helping people and animals, so I had a great time helping set up for this donation drive. I’m happy we had the chance to make a difference.”