A Goat Named Zeus: How Farm Animals Boost Vet Techs’ Learning

Where can you go to school and see a goat and two roosters in the student lounge? At Globe University-Madison East, of course! 

Every quarter, the veterinary technology program student club organizes a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization.  This quarter they chose to support Heartland Farm Sanctuary, which houses farm animals such as goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and horses. These animals have been rescued from abusive situations, relinquished by their owners or found as strays. 

veterinary technology program

Vet tech student Acacia Haak feeds Zeus the goat.

When deciding on an organization to support, students considered what they learned in school about the human-animal bond, along with the care and love an animal deserves. They set up a taco bar in the student lounge and sold tacos, raising $212!  All proceeds went directly to Heartland Farm Sanctuary. 

“Globe University raised enough money to feed all of our goats and sheep for two months!” said Sarah Solberg, Heartland Barn Manager.

Heartland was gracious enough to bring a few of their resident animals to campus, including a goat named Zeus and two roosters. The students interacted with the animals and learned about their care. Additionally, the students collected samples from both species that were utilized in classes for a learning experience. 

Heartland volunteer Steph Weis was impressed with the students. “The Globe vet tech students were so enthusiastic about our animals and were also very hands-on and helpful unloading and loading the animals and while we were in their commons area,” she said.  Fecal samples were even professionally collected from their animal guests. Several students even helped out so the Heartland staff could each get a break for a taco lunch!”

veterinary technology program

Instructor Anne Pfenning enjoying the company of a rooster.

It’s a great opportunity for the students to experience a variety of animal species and to bring them on campus is educational for all students.

“It was fun to see something other than the ordinary dog and cat at Globe,” said veterinary technology student Michelle Weiss. 

By Heather Wipijewski, Veterinary Technology Program Chair, Globe University-Madison East