Behind Every Great Veterinarian is An Amazing Veterinary Technician

On October 15-18th the Globe University Sioux Falls Veterinary Technology program celebrated the many contributions to the care and health of animals made by veterinary technicians.   These licensed professionals practice under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.  Veterinary technicians prepare and give medications as ordered by the veterinarian, take x-rays, induce and maintain anesthesia, and assist with medical and surgical procedures. 

According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor and Statistics the employment of veterinary technologists and technicians is expected to grow 52 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations.  They cite a growing pet population, in addition, many people consider their pets to be part of their family and are willing to pay more for pet care than in the past. Also, veterinary medicine has advanced considerably and requires licensed trained professionals to assist in clinics.  Overall job opportunities for veterinary technicians are expected to be excellent, particularly in rural areas such as South Dakota, NE Iowa, and SW Minnesota.

In true vet tech fashion, we celebrated with lots of food.  Our veterinary technology students enjoyed a potluck on Tuesday hosted by our veterinary technology faculty. On Wednesday our faculty sponsored some yummy deserts – ice cream, brownies, and cookies. Finally on Thursday was followed up with Poppy’s popcorn in various flavors. The team voted on some annual recognition awards– prizes were suckers, notepads, pens, candy just  a little something to say congratulations to the students for all their hardwork – it does not go unnoticed.

Senior Blood Drawer—Amanda Hunt

Junior Blood Drawer—Jackie Vasek

Senior Rockstar Restrainers –MJ Ziebarth & Carmen Borns

Junior Restrainers-Rachel Nichols,

Hardest Working Seniors –Audrey Cushing & Laura Hollaren

Hardest Working Juniors — Sara Lahn, Kristina Reilly, & Nicole Wrage

Most Entertaining — Morgan Bosshart

Most Helpful –Amanda Loomis


We would like to send a heartfelt thanks to all veterinary technicians.  We would like to recognize our nearly 90 veterinary technology students and vet tech faculty- and every technician nationwide – for their commitment to their profession and the support of animals.

If you are thinking of a career as a veterinary technician, visit Globe University Sioux Falls Veterinary Technician Program. 

~ Submitted by Kim Sieverding, Veterinary Technology Program Chair