Cassandra & Brice – 2 New Faces in the Library

If you’ve come up to the library in the evenings and afternoons, you’ve probably noticed two new employees; Cassandra Romero and Brice Hallem. They joined us a few weeks ago, and are a welcome addition to the staff up here in Library Land!

Since they are relatively “new-ish” students, I wanted to give the rest of the students, faculty and staff the opportunity to get to know them a little better.

“Hello! My name is Cassandra and I have the great opportunity to work in the library here at our Sioux Falls campus. Before I started coming to Globe University, I used to go school at Southeast Technical Institute. I was studying to become an ENDT (Entero-Neurodiagnostic Technician).

“I found that was very hard course and I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing, so I transferred here to Globe and am now in the Vet Tech program and on my 2nd quarter. I’m getting married to Brice Hallem who is also working in the library here on campus. He graduated from Lincoln High School in 2012 and is in the Vet Tech program and is on his 2nd quarter also.

“We love what we do and are glad that we attend Globe. We are looking forward in being able to help every one of you somehow in the library.”

Also, did you realize that the library has its own Internet site? There, you will see tabs on APA StyleVet Tech terminology and Medical terminology.  In addition to these three tabs on the Internet site, have a look at our just-launched Globe Gallery link. There, you will find a slide show of the latest exhibit as well as an interview with the current artist or artists. As new exhibits are added, we will be able to “archive” the previous exhibits and interviews.

~submitted by Doug Murdock, Campus Librarian