Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Vet Tech?

If you ask any veterinarian or veterinary technician when they decided on their chosen career, they would probably all tell you the same thing: early. It’s something that’s engrained in their hearts from the start—a longing to treat and care for animals of all kinds.

veterinary technology school

Globe University students get the hands-on experience they need to succeed as veterinary technicians.

That’s why, when you decide on a career in animal care, it’s important to choose a veterinary technology school that provides the hands-on experience and knowledgeable instructors required to help you succeed.

Globe University-Appleton boasts a staff and faculty group with decades of combined experience in animal care. Led by Certified Veterinary Technologist Becca Lange, the program offers chances to work with local animal shelters on tasks such as spays and neuters, vaccinations, blood draws, animal dentistry and anesthesiology.

Lange’s passion for animals began as a child when she started working as a kennel assistant. Outside of heading the veterinary technology program at Globe University, Becca’s professional experience includes work with American Animal Hospital, Animal Hospital of Howard, Fox Valley Animal Referral Center and Horizon Veterinary Services. Through extensive work in field, she even finds time to volunteer and raise funds for organizations like Orphan Animal Rescue Sanctuary, Neenah Animal Shelter and Saving Paws Animal Rescue.

veterinary technology graduates

Vet tech staff and faculty are proud to see their students graduate and land the job of their dreams.

Becca’s students continue to strive both on and off campus. Her leadership and guidance has helped place 95 percent of veterinary technology graduates in their field as of May 2013.

“Having Becca as an instructor has opened my eyes to a lot of things that will happen in a real clinic setting, especially during surgery,” said one veterinary technology student, Rebecca Walsh. “She pulls in her experience from working in the field so we can take those and learn from them.  She takes great pride in her work and when I see that, it makes me want to be a great veterinary technician, too.”

Becca is just one of the many veterinary technology program staff and faculty at Globe University. Two resident veterinarians, Dr. Holly Kallio, DVM, and Dr. Jill Duch, DVM, are also on campus to help guide the program, perform surgeries and oversee student procedures.

Through guidance from staff and faculty, students are able to get the hands-on experience that they need to succeed in an animal clinic setting. Students also contribute thousands of dollars each year to local nonprofit organizations through Vet Tech Club activities. They gain valuable experience by logging many volunteer hours at special events such as Spay and Neuter Days with Wish Upon a Paw and Cats Anonymous, Inc., Purple Paw Parade with Orphan Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, and Drool in the Pool with Neenah Animal Shelter.

If you think you have the heart and desire to become a veterinary technician, check out Globe University today by calling (920) 364-1100. Becca and her knowledgeable and experienced staff are ready to help you on your way!