Dog Guards on Deck: Vet Tech Students Volunteer at Drool in the Pool

One area event continues to make a splash with our canine companions. Every year the Neenah City Pool hosts a fundraiser for the Neenah Animal Shelter, referred to as “Drool in the Pool.” This is the shelter’s main annual fundraiser, and it retains 100 percent of the profits. At the end of the swimming season, the pool is drained and filled with chemical-free water. For one day (broken into four shifts), dogs are allowed to swim in the pool in exchange for a donation to the shelter. Several hundred dogs and their owners attend this event each year. The Neenah Animal shelter has been serving our area for over 50 years.

Dog at Drool in the Pool playing with a frisbee

Introduction to Veterinary Technology students at Globe University–Appleton assisted with the event by acting as “dog guards” on the pool deck. They monitored animal behavior in order to insure that the event was going smoothly. In addition, the students assisted with other tasks as assigned by the organizers.

Instructor Amy Plach was present at the event. Plach commented “It was a fun way to have our veterinary technology students become involved in the community and help out the Neenah Animal Shelter. It was a great opportunity for the students to interact with many dogs and chat with their owners. I hope we can volunteer at this event next summer.”

This annual event is a favorite among students as well. Veterinary technology student Cassidy Owen shared her experiences stating, “I was able to observe their actions from swimming to running, to jumping and playing, and even to the way they interact. It was certainly intriguing to me to actually stand there and focus on the different behaviors of the dogs, and not to mention all the different types of breeds that had been brought in to attend the event.”

Overall, not only was this event a success for the shelter — it was a successful learning opportunity for the students as well.

Written by Amanda Loewen, applied learning coordinator