Employer Spotlight: Tea Veterinary Clinic Prepares Graduates for Real World

vet tech degreeOn Dec. 21, 2012, Globe University-Sioux Falls will witness one of its largest graduating classes in the history of our campus.  Among the 26 students on track to graduate, a full dozen of those students are part of the veterinary technology degree program. 

I caught up with Dr. Tom Rentschler, DVM and owner of the Tea Veterinary Clinic and Best Care Pet Hospital. Dr. Rentschler employs three Globe University vet tech degree graduates, and he is also our fall graduation keynote speaker. I found out a little bit more about what it’s like to work with our students and graduates as they prepare for a career in veterinary technology.

Rentschler came to South Dakota after graduating from the Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine. He and his wife of 16 years, Janelle, own the Tea Veterinary Clinic and Best Care Pet Hospital in Tea and Sioux Falls, respectively.”

Having grown up on a pig farm surrounded by animals, Rentschler confesses, “becoming a veterinarian was an easy choice for me.”  He told me his parents “put up with” him and his three brothers bringing home “wild” pets like mice, tadpoles, toads, and snakes.  They implemented a 24-hour rule where the boys had to release whatever critters they had after a full day.

vet tech degreeIn addition to his busy clinic schedule, Dr. Rentschler is also the President-Elect for the South Dakota Veterinary Medical Association.  His special interests include:  orthopedic surgery, cardiology, and internal medicine.  As a DVM, he strives to “treat all [his] patients like [he] would [his] own pets” and by doing so, provides each one with compassion and care. 

He uses this very model to set the tone for Globe University graduates and externs, who also strive for this type of care.  I just had to know what motivates this kindhearted vet:  “My motivation for my profession is the chance to help animals.  I truly enjoy and love what I do.  That makes it very easy to stay motivated on a daily basis.” 

Sounds like the perfect mentor for the three Globe vet tech graduates he employs at his clinics.

-By Ann Kolbrek, Globe University Director of Career Services