From the Winner’s Mouth – 4 Tips on Writing an Awesome Research Paper

Research papers. For some students they are a dreaded assignment, but for others they are a welcomed challenge. For Rebecca Phillips, a student in the veterinary technology training program at Globe University-Madison West, research papers mean winning an award.

veterinary technology degree

Job well done! Becca Phillips, veterinary technology student received a Noon Simple Touch for her winning research paper. Presenting the prize was campus librarian, Amy O’Shea.

Becca, who submitted her paper titled “Canine Hypothyroidism,” was the winner of Globe University-Madison West Library’s Student Research Award. For her achievements, Rebecca won a brand new Nook Simple Touch and her paper was published on the Madison West Library website.

The contest received seven submissions, with Rebecca’s paper winning by a narrow margin.

Amy O’Shea, campus librarian, explained,  “What made Rebecca’s paper really stand out over the others is that it was well organized and sign-posted with clear transitions. Rebecca also scored high on the research section. She had well-chosen sources which were incorporated smoothly in her paper.”

All submissions had to receive an A grade to qualify.  Judges did not know who authored each paper, and papers were judged on writing style, research and APA style.

“I didn’t expect to win,” Becca said. “I just turned my paper in thinking ‘whatever.’ [But] I feel great. I appreciate everyone looking at my paper and liking it.”

In regards to future submission opportunities, she added, “Definitely turn in your paper; you might just win something!”

I had Becca share a few tips on how to write an awesome research paper. Here is what she had to share:

  1. Take advantage of the knowledge of your instructors.  If you have a question, ask, and they will help you.  I owe a big thanks to Dr. Page for helping me write a good paper.  He gave me a lot of good tips.
  2. Make sure you know and understand the information that you are going to be writing about.  Use reputable sources to make sure you get the best information.
  3. Take advantage of Amy in the library to help you with APA style writing, and use the ASC English instructors to help you with grammar, punctuation, transitions, or anything else in your paper.
  4. Keep your head up!  Take your time, ask questions, and you will succeed!  A good paper takes a lot of time and patience, but the good grade is worth the effort.

Congratulations to all those who submitted papers for the Student Research Award: Consuelo Arboleda, Chelsey Larson, Sharon Dahlke, Sheryl Jones, Marcus Schiel and Paula Zenz. We congratulate you on your A papers and encourage you to submit again when we run this contest during the Early Fall quarter.