Globe University-Madison West Veterinary Technology Program Hosts State FFA Competition

What do you get when you have 112 high school students visiting Globe University-Madison West, dropping in and out of various classrooms and answering 125 questions such as “What is the correct term for blood in the urine”?  The answer is the Wisconsin state FFA (Future Farmers of America) vet science competition.

vet tech program

Test Time: high school students across the state identify various tools used in vet science.

Competing high schools came from all over the state. From Portage and Marshall to Prairie Farm and Menomonie, students completed the test which involved 25 multiple choice math questions, 50 multiple choice questions, one hands-on math portion, and 50 different tools/species to identify.

“The vet science competition is a test that statewide high school students take to evaluate their knowledge about the vet science field,” said Katie Olson, veterinary technology program chair. “Winning at the state level allows them to compete at the national level, which can lead to scholarships and college opportunities.”

Not only did the Madison West campus host this event, the veterinary technology team was instrumental in the exam itself. “The exam was written by Globe University-Madison West veterinary technology staff and was administered with the help of our staff as well as Globe veterinary technology students, specifically members of the student organization SCNAVTA,” Katie said.

“It was really interesting and kind of difficult, but if you came prepared it made it easier,” said Karley, freshmen from Waterloo High School. “It’s nice that FFA has these opportunities to get to know different career fields so in the future when you are deciding on what career you want to do, you can think back on this and remember that you had fun.”

“I thought it was a lot of fun, though I recommend studying the math conversion part,” said Kayce, senior at Stanley Boyd High School. “I thought it was a great experience, I really enjoyed it.”

Globe University Veterinary Technology program

The team that made it happen (from left): Jane Lund, DVM, Karen Hershberger-Baker, DVM, Ph.D, Katie Olson, CVT, Rebecca McCullick, Mike Thompson, DVM, MPH and Angela Forsythe.

“Globe University has worked with us the last few years, and it’s a natural fit because they have the facilities, expertise, and the drive to help our members,” said Gordie Gasch, CDE Coordinator at Wisconsin FFA. “I’ve worked with Katie, and she has been outstanding with working with us on this contest and making it the best that it can be. The event was a success, and we thank Globe University for their partnership. We have received a great deal of positive comments from students as well as teachers.”

“We are always happy to volunteer to host the FFA vet science exam. We enjoy promoting the future of the veterinary field and enjoy encouraging high school students that are interested in gaining veterinary field knowledge. It is wonderful to see the interest of high school students grow within the FFA,” Katie said.

Cochran-Fountain City High School was the winning team and will be representing Wisconsin in the national competition in Louisville, Kentucky.