Globe University-Sioux Falls Vet Tech Students Give Back

On an overcast Saturday recently, the students of Globe University-Sioux Falls’s veterinary technology program had the opportunity to work with a local business partner in a joint effort to vaccinate pets in and around the community of Emery, South Dakota. It was an experience that proved beneficial to many people, as well as some dogs and cats.

Globe University-Sioux Falls vet tech students with Emery local and her furry friend

In April, a community leader from Emery contacted our Veterinary Technology Program Chair Kim Smith about our students coming out and setting up a vaccination clinic for local pets. This was a chance for us to “show our stuff” to the locals and get some good hands-on experience for our students. Though this opportunity was important for our students, we didn’t want to make waves with the local veterinarian, so we contacted their office and asked if they wanted to be our partner in this endeavor. They accepted our offer, and at that point, a valuable relationship was born.

Globe University-Sioux Falls vet techy students with Sioux Nation Vet

Together, with the Sioux Nation Freeman Veterinary Clinic, Globe University-Sioux Falls students vaccinated numerous cats and dogs as well as performed nail trims and microchip administration. Our veterinary technology students came face-to-face with not only the local veterinarian but also many pet owners and their many fuzzy critters. Students were afforded the opportunity to learn the finer points of client interaction as well as restraint, record keeping and vaccine administration.

Globe University-Sioux Falls vet tech student with staff member Audree Cermack

Dr. Sophie Bengston, the veterinarian with Sioux Nation Freeman Veterinary Clinic, said at the end of the clinic that she was pleased with Globe University-Sioux Falls students and the community turnout. The community leader in charge of the vaccination clinic also expressed great satisfaction with Globe University-Sioux Falls’s work and indicated that she was going to plan for us to come out again in 2015. She also mentioned that she would be putting ads in other local community papers in an effort to have an even greater turnout.

All in all, the Sioux Falls veterinary technology department did a great job of helping out a community; many pet owners who might not have been able to afford pet vaccinations, a local vet, and of course a lot of dogs and cats were served! From all of the feedback from our local partners, Globe University-Sioux Falls veterinary technology students were shining, even if the sun wasn’t.