Have You Ever Met an African Spurred Tortoise?

Veterinary technology students in Melanie Broullire’s Lab Animals, Exotics and Pocket Pets class were excited to meet some exotic animals and learn a wealth of information from Jamie Kozloski, the founder of Kingdom Animalia Exotic Animal Rescue.

Students really enjoyed learning and interacting with the animals, and they are species they would not typically get the chance to meet and learn about in depth. Kozloski brought in an African Spurred Tortoise, Eclectus Parrot (“Clementine”) and a Frilled Lizard.

“We typically only talk about pocket pets (mice, rats, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters) so obtaining additional info on more “‘xotic type species’ was a huge benefit to the students,” Melanie  said.

What did the students enjoy the most?

“They loved seeing the exotic species and hearing about them as she was very knowledgeable on husbandry, basic care and common diseases. It was very informative for them,” Melanie said.

Students also learned that Kozloski would see a lot of people adopt exotic species and then weren’t able to care for them, and so she founded the organization she has now in order to help care for animals that no longer have a home.

If a student wants to learn more about exotics, what would you recommend?

Instructor Broullire recommends two things. “I would recommend checking out the wildlife sanctuary and the NEW zoo and volunteer there. You could also go to different clinics in the area that see exotics and do job shadows and volunteer with them to get a good idea on that aspect of things.”

More About KAEAR

Kingdom Animalia Exotic Animal Rescue (KAEAR) has been focused on providing rescue to exotic animals since 2006. If you want to surrender your pet, have questions, or if you are interested in having Kingdom Animalia’s animal ambassadors come for a program at your location, please contact Jamie. You can also visit their website.