Horsing Around? Sharing Equine Knowledge is No Joke for This Instructor

Nicole Bailey, instructor of the Equine class in Globe University-Moorhead’s veterinary technology program, routinely takes her students on four field trips throughout the class to reinforce the course material and allow students to apply what they’ve learned. These hands-on labs take place at Brady Equestrian Center in Downer, Minn.

veterinary technology program

Sonya, a vet tech student, shows off her skills.

Nicole has her BA in equine science and through that experience, she began to teach riding, horse training and how to show horses. Her dream has become to teach everything there is to know about horses to people eager to learn. Teaching at Globe University is a dream come true, to be able to teach students all about her beloved horses.

Thanks to Nicole’s passion for all-things horses, her vet tech students learn handling, restraint, record-keeping requirements, identification of anatomy and horse movement all in the first session at the equestrian center. The students enjoy the hands-on experience.

Sonya, a student studying veterinary technology, has shown readiness and has gravitated to the horses. “It is so much better to have hands-on experience–to be able to touch and feel the horses rather than just read about it!” Sonya exclaimed. “Now this is learning!”

Nicole wants to bring extensive experience to her students. Brady Equestrian Center has more advanced equipment than she experienced in her four years of college. She had to learn on the job by working at Brady Stables after she completed college. The lab at Brady Equestrian Center includes an ultrasound, centrifuge, and densimeter that her students are learning to use.

“I wish I would have had these experiences when I went to school,” Nicole said. “I had to learn after graduation. To be able to give students this experience now is a personal mission to me.”