How $134,512 in Services Were Donated to Local Animal Rescues

veterinary technician schoolPassion and drive to help animals from various walks of life is a personality trait that many of our veterinary technician school students possess.  Throughout the eight quarters spent in the veterinary technician program at Globe University-Sioux Falls, the students are able to help various area rescue groups perform many much needed tasks for the rescue organization itself and also for the community.

This past year our vet tech program donated nearly $135,000 worth of veterinary services to local animal rescues and shelters. Some of these services include spays, neuters, declaws, vaccinations, nutrition, nursing, and a host of lab work to aid in the animals’ overall improvement in health and well-being. This unique partnership allows our students the opportunity to get hands-on experience in their field of study and apply what they learn in the classroom. Our rescues are provided these services free of charge and the hopes that their animals will become more adoptable.

veterinary technician schoolRecently, several of the veterinary technician students had the opportunity to improve and fine tune their skills through an applied learning project partnering with the Mitchell Animal Rescue.  After making the short drive from Sioux Falls, S.D. to Mitchell, S.D., the students were able to provide free nail trims, brush up on their communication and public speaking skills, and also implant microchips in the animals that came to the Mitchell Animal Rescue organization’s fundraiser.

The students took what they have learned in the classroom and applied their knowledge to real life situations.  Performing many hands-on tasks is a big part of being a vet tech.  Oftentimes opportunities arise throughout the quarters that allow the students to volunteer for various projects, and these projects allow them to improve and perfect some of their hands-on tasks.

Kim Sieverding, our vet tech program chair, states, “I feel that the public would benefit greatly by taking advantage of the microchip clinic as they will register your pet right away with your information and it is very inexpensive and convenient. The pets also love all of the attention and the owners also can get their pets’ nails trimmed for free. I would like to see more people take advantage of this event as it is fun and very accommodating for both the pet and the owner.”

veterinary technician schoolIt was a great opportunity for the students to get out of the classroom and into the community.  The students that went were grateful for the chance to be more involved in the community and with the rescue organizations that they work with on campus.

Veterinary technician school student Audrey Cushing stated, “The experience at the nail trim and microchipping in Mitchell was a great experience. It was an event that helped us keep our skills fresh and give back to the community. It also gave us a chance to meet different rescues and vendors that were there at the time. This helped us do some networking and improve on our social skills for future client education. I’m always looking forward to the events we do to further strengthen our future careers.”

Vet tech student Morgan Bosshart added, “I loved the hands-on experience I received from our SCNAVTA events!  It was fun to get the practice we needed to feel confident in our skills and have fun with friends while doing so.”

~Submitted by Amy Hettinga, Vet Tech Instructor, Globe University-Sioux Falls