How One Vet Tech Graduate Combined Pet Care with Entrepreneurship

vet tech, veterinary technology, Globe University Voyaging Vet & Tech Services, LLC  is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Certified Veterinary Technician team that is attempting to bring back the old fashioned  “house call” and provide veterinary care where the animal is most comfortable. Patrice Anderson recently graduated from the veterinary technology degree program at Globe University-Eau Claire with the credentials to launch this exciting business venture with her former Globe University instructor. The following is an interview with Patrice Anderson, co-owner of Voyaging Vet & Tech Services:

What sparked your interest in beginning this business?
Patrice Anderson:  I have have always had a passion for animals.  I grew up with dogs, cats, and the occasional “rescue” animal. While working at various jobs, I worked part-time at theChippewa County Humane Association. It was physically hard and emotionally draining. I felt like I was making such a difference in the lives of those shelter animals.

vet tech, veterinary technology, Globe UniversityHow did you go from helping at the Shelter to a “Voyaging Vet Tech?”
In the summer of 2008, Globe University opened and they offered the veterinary technician program.  I saw an ad on TV one day, called immediately, applied the next day, and at the age of 38, I went back to college. I walked across the stage and received my degree in veterinary technology with high honors! It was one of the proudest moments of my life.

How did your experience at Globe University impact your decision to follow this career path?
My experience at Globe definitely played a huge role in the concept and start up of this business. First and foremost: going back to school and being successful at my studies really showed me that I can do anything I set my mind to. I was scared to death the first night of class but each passing day it got easier and easier and I totally fell in love with the Globe environment.

What was it that you loved about Globe University?
Patrice :
I was fortunate to have instructors that were not only knowledgeable and helpful but truly passionate about what they do. One of those instructors is now my business partner, Dr. Erin Weiss.

 Where did you get your experience? 
Patrice:   D
uring my time at Globe, I was fortunate enough to be the student worker for our program.  I was able to work closely with all the instructors. Dr. Weiss was one of those instructors. She and I began discussing the need in this area for a mobile practice.  It was during my final quarter at Globe that we made the decision to start and operate Voyaging Vet and Tech Services. I was working at, and completed my externship at Eau Claire Animal Hospital. Following graduation I was asked to stay on. I have now been there since October 2011 and will continue to help them occasionally.  They have an amazing staff. I have learned a wealth of information from everyone there. I can’t thank them enough!

What is the main focus of your business?
Patrice :
Our main focus with our business is the EXTRA personal touch.  We provide at home services and can spend more time really getting to know the owner and the pet in a very low stress environment. We strive to respect the animal-human bond and do whatever we can to support them at every stage of their pets life.

What advantages does your business offer to the pet owner?
Patrice : We have many advantages over a traditional clinic: We are convenient and economical. No time is wasted in driving to a clinic. We come to you!  Your home provides a stress free environment with full attention to you and your pet. It also avoids exposure to other sick animals which is especially important for young and sick pets.

How do you handle pet emergencies?
Unfortunately we are not equipped to handle most emergencies. In case of emergency, you will need to contact a local emergency animal hospital. They will have the resources and staff required to give your pet the best emergency care possible

Any final thoughts? 
I look back on my time at Globe very fondly, as it was a huge part of the vehicle that led me to where I am today. It brought Dr. Erin Weiss and I together. I couldn’t ask for a better business partner or friend. With the passion and determination that we both share for what we are doing, there is no way we can fail.