Professional Communications Students Help Animals in Need

Students in Professional Communications I are required to complete an Applied Learning project each quarter at Globe University-Sioux Falls.

Students are encouraged to center their projects around their field of study and career goals. This quarter, seven veterinary technology students worked with two pet rescue organizations in the Sioux Falls area to benefit cats and dogs. 

Program chair Kim Smith was responsible for contacting Northern Plains Boxer Rescue and Peanuts Place Cat Rescue. Kim divided the students into two groups and organized a food and donation drive for the rescues.

The students then decorated two boxes to be placed at the front entrance of campus, as well as other boxes that were stationed at local businesses. Students periodically checked the boxes for donations to be delivered at the end of the quarter.

“We do a lot of work for the different rescues around the region. We try to help them out by spaying and neutering their animals as well as vaccinating and micro-chipping them. The reason we do this is to help get these animals their forever home. We feel grateful to these rescues as they are our bread and butter as they provide the animals that our students use to get the much needed hands on learning they need. This is what allows us to produce great veterinary technicians. Our students felt the need to give more as they see how much time, money and effort these rescues put into saving these animals,” Kim said.

The collection effort was a “great success,” she said.

“The cat rescue received 13 20-pound bags of food, three eight-pound bags of food and four 40-pound bags of cat litter, along with lots of toys and cat bedding. The boxer rescue ended up with two 20-pound bags of food, a bag of rawhides, a dog bed and some toys and leashes,” Kim said. “We also are taking cash donations for both rescues over the holidays.”

The food was delivered to the cat rescue and it was greatly appreciated.

“The manager explained that she uses 80 pounds of dry food a week, not including any canned or special diet food. She also goes through 2,000 pounds of cat litter a month,” Kim said. “The cats I saw at Peanuts Place were the healthiest and best-looking cats I’ve ever seen at a rescue. These cats were all very tame and friendly. It was truly a cat’s paradise.”

The students were happy they could help out.

“They may not have realized because how many supplies these rescues go through to keep animals safe and healthy before they find their forever homes,” Kim said.

One student in particular stood out to Kim during the Applied Learning project.

“Sami Koontz did a great job of organizing the students and keeping them on task so that everything went smoothly. She also did a great job of getting thank you letters out to all that participated,” she said.

It’s always great to see students work hard on their applied learning projects. It’s especially wonderful to see students networking in their fields of study to benefit those in need.