The Ultimate To-Do List for Vet Tech Students

Students who decide to complete a vet tech degree often have a passion for working with animals and are dedicated to learning how they can get to the point where they can make a career of their passion. The first step: become a successful vet tech degree student.

vet tech degreeCheck out the following to-do list for tips on how to be successful throughout your vet tech degree.

Before Classes Start

☐  Meet with an advisor, program chair or someone in the education department who can help you map out your class schedule and plan for future semesters.

☐  Take the time to introduce yourself to your instructors via email or while on campus. Instructors meet many students throughout the school year, so being proactive in introducing yourself can be of benefit to you.

☐  If you haven’t done so prior to enrolling, tour the vet tech facilities at your college so you are familiar prior to your first day of class.

☐  Set short- and long-term goals, focusing on your education, work experience, etc.

☐  Create an organization system for your various classes, incorporating a daily planner and your preferred method for taking notes (notebook, tablet, laptop, etc.)

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While Completing Your Degree Program

☐  Complete a variety of volunteer projects to gain relevant experience to add to your resume.

☐  Meet with career services early and regularly to share your career goals and throughout your college experience for resume, cover letter and interviewing assistance.

☐  Complete an internship and remain connected to internship staff through the duration of your vet tech degree program.

☐  Treat each class as though you are attending a real vet tech job. Some colleges have full vet tech suites that replicate what an animal clinic looks like.

☐  Get involved with student or local organizations, such as the Student Chapter of National Veterinary Technicians in America (SCNAVTA).

☐  Attend networking events and job fairs geared towards members of the veterinary industry. Bring copies of your resume to these events.

☐  Build and maintain your professional networks online utilizing LinkedIn or other social networks.

☐  Share professional goals with classmates, instructors, friends, family, etc. as they may be able to recommend you for positions in the future.

☐  Join or start study groups with fellow vet tech students.

When Approaching Graduation

☐  Reconnect with your network, reminding them of your career goals.

☐  Meet with career services to finalize any job search documents (resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation, etc.)

☐  Set new goals for yourself, focusing on career, education and personal life.