This Vet Tech Student Takes Education Beyond the Classroom

veterinary technology training

Stephanie Saris

As a third-quarter student earning veterinary technology training at Globe University, Stephanie Saris has jumped right in!  She has been involved in multiple activities on and off campus. 

Stephanie has been an integral part of the vet tech student club.  She helped plan the Zooraiser, which raised over $1,200 for the Henry Vilas Zoo’s new Animal Health Center.  She also took the reins and planned a fundraiser with Eastgate Cinema helping spread the word about the Animal Health Center and raise more funds. 

Due to her love of the zoo, Stephanie has started a new volunteer adventure with the Henry Vilas Zoo.  Every Friday, she will be volunteering her time to work with the zoo’s educational animals.  This experience will allow her to educate the public about a variety of species of animals while learning new information and skills herself. 

Stephanie’s favorite animals are cats (both big and small), giraffes and birds of prey.  She’s hoping with hard work and dedication, she will be able to work with the zoo’s educational raptor. 

When asked why she chose Globe University’s vet tech training program, Stephanie stated, “The staff is friendly, the coursework is clearly laid out for you, there are numerous resources on campus, we receive hands-on training and I enjoy the smaller class sizes”. 

Veterinary technology has been Stephanie’s passion since she was little and used to bring animals home.  Her mom would tell her she was allergic to them but Stephanie believes this was to try to stop her from collecting more animals. 

“Stephanie has a positive can-do attitude, and is both friendly and helpful to staff and fellow students”, said Cassie Chulick, student services and academic coordinator.  “She has commitments outside of Globe and still makes her education a priority and finds time to participate in campus events.”

When not on campus, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her 7-year-old daughter, Bailey.  Stephanie also enjoys traveling and has been to 22 countries, including Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and England.  She also speaks German as she lived in Germany for four years.  Every Wednesday she tutors kids at Sandburg Elementary School, where her daughter Bailey currently attends, has volunteered for the PTA and also is on the Board for the Community Garden of Reindahl Park here in Madison.

By Heather Wipijewski, Veterinary Technology Program Chair at Globe University-Madison East