Top 7 Vet Tech Jobs Right Now

vet tech programsGoing to a vet tech school is how many animal lovers start on the path to turning their passion for animals into a career.

Having a degree in one of various vet tech programs can help open the door to a wide variety of vet tech jobs, from private vet practices to research labs.

While vet tech salary and job description vary depending on the position, each vet tech job requires the same amount of love and compassion for animals that drive so many people into the industry.

1.  Private veterinary practice

This is the most common place for vet techs to work. As part of the health care team, the job description for a vet tech in a private practice involves assisting in surgery, radiology, lab procedures and educating the pet owner.

Other duties may be of a more administrative nature, such as maintaining records and case histories of patients.

2.  Animal shelter

Animal shelters are always in need of skilled vet techs who want to help improve the lives of less fortunate animals.

The Humane Society provides tons of opportunities for vet techs (and volunteers alike) to get involved in the cause of protecting and caring for the wellbeing of animals.

3.  Research labs

Vet techs in research labs are a crucial go-to resource for lab researchers in ensuring that the animals are being treated appropriately and in a humane manner.

vet tech programs

The job description for a vet tech in a research lab includes administering medications to animals, preparing lab samples, and keeping records of an animal’s genealogy, diet, weight, medications, food intake and clinical signs of pain and distress.

4.  Emergency animal hospitals

Just like we have Urgent Care clinics and emergency wings at hospitals, so do animals have emergency clinics staffed with animal care professionals.

Vet techs do the same job duties as they would in any normal veterinary practice, however they will typically encounter more severe cases that require them to think and act on their feet and work odd hours.

5.  Zoos

For those vet techs who want to work in an environment outside of traditional animal clinics, landing a job at the zoo is an exciting alternative. There aren’t as many vet tech positions available in zoos, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into it.

Vet techs in zoos assist veterinaries with both routine check-ups and emergency care for on-site animals.

6.  Boarding kennels

We all need a vacation from time to time, and unless we have a friendly neighbor or family member willing to walk, feed, and play with our pets for us, we should leave them in the hands of professionals.

Although a vet tech degree is not always required for this position, boarding kennels are a great place for vet techs to work and oversee the health and wellbeing of their animal tech programs

7.  Farms and ranches

If you love horses and the outdoors, becoming a vet tech at a farm or ranch might be a great option for you.

Large animal vet techs and equine vet techs work alongside a veterinarian in animal restraint, inserting catheters, assisting in surgery and administering medications.  


With a degree in veterinary technology from Globe University, you will receive the training required to help restore the health and happiness of a diverse group of animals.

From household pets like dogs, cats, birds, and pocket pets, to farm animals like sheep, pigs, horses, and cattle, this type of comprehensive education can open doors for you and help to provide opportunities in the veterinary job market.

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