Treats for Fido, Cash for a Cause

vet tech program
Multiple classes in the veterinary technology program have what is called an LOA, or learner outcome assessment. The Application of Veterinary Clinical Skills class is one such class.

The vet tech class is typically referred to as the dental class. This is the class where students learn the benefits of dental care for animals, including prophylaxis.

In the past, many times the students would choose to do additional dental cleanings outside of class time for a local humane society to fulfill the LOA.  This has always been much appreciated by the local humane societies because having a dental prophylaxis performed on an older animal makes them much more likely to be adopted. 

This quarter, however, the group of students came up with a new approach to the project. They decided that they wanted to educate others on the need for dental care for their pets, including treats.  The students dedicated their time to research different treat options and did a bake sale of dental treats for dogs and cats.  They also put together some brochures to help educate others on the importance of dental prophylaxis as well as at-home care that should be done on a regular basis.

Initially, the students were planning to help support those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. However, with the tornadoes that occurred in Oklahoma in May, the thought of caring for those affected moved to the forefront of students’ minds.

The students were all amazed at how well the sales went, make a profit of $61.  This money was donated to the Salvation Army to assist those in need, including the pets. Barbara Dobratz commented, “This project was beneficial because it was going to a good cause to help both people and animals.”