Vet Tech Students Show Rep. Sargent How to Gown Up for Surgery

When State Representative Melissa Sargent visited the Globe University–Madison East campus this week, she probably didn’t expect to be gowning up for surgery, but that’s exactly what she did!

Gowning Up

Rep. Sargent, vet tech,

Dr. Paul Kunde explains closed gloving to Rep. Sargent.

After a tour of the Madison East campus, Rep. Sargent joined the Small Animal Surgical Assisting Class to learn how vet techs prepare for surgery. Dr. Paul

Before gowning up, Rep. Sargent put on a cap to ensure all of her hair was secured. Next, she put on a surgical mask. Next came the actual gowning and gloving. Gowning and gloving for surgery is much trickier than it might look. You must keep the gown sterile while putting it on, which means you need to avoid touching the front of the gown as well as having the gown touch any object. The other trick is that you want to keep your hands and fingers inside the sleeves of the gown.

Vet tech student Vivienne Montony, Dr. Paul Kunde and Rep. Sargent celebrate successful gowning and gloving.

Once the gown is on and tied securely in the back by an assistant, you are ready to glove. Vet techs practice what is known as “closed gloving.” While keeping their hands and fingers inside the sleeves of the gown, they pick up the gloves and put them on carefully ensuring everything remains sterile. In the end the gloves cover the cuffs of the gown.

“We all enjoyed having State Representative Sargent on campus. She caught on quickly, and is welcome back at any time,” said Instructor Dr. Paul Kunde.

Keeping Social Media Private

While at Globe University, Rep. Sargent also visited a general education class to share information about herself and the bills she has been actively involved in authoring. The social media bill was one of these, which was signed into office earlier this month by Governor Walker. This law is important for Globe students others starting careers soon. Some employers have asked employees to provide their personal login information for social media accounts. Some college campuses have also required athletes to provide this information so that their accounts can be monitored.

Rep. Sargent

Rep. Sargent speaking to the students.

Rep. Sargent fought for this bill saying, “I believe there must be a reasonable expectation of privacy for our social media accounts which are personal in nature. That is why I authored a bill which makes it illegal for employers, universities and landlords from requesting or requiring social media logins and passwords from their employees, students or tenants.”

This was Rep. Sargent’s first visit to Globe University, but hopefully not her last. It was great to have her out to campus to meet with some of her constituents and understand more about the programs Globe offers our campus culture.

“We all know that a higher education gives people the freedom to be successful in their chosen career path. Globe University gives our community members a wonderful opportunity to achieve their dreams and earn a degree,” Rep. Sargent said. “On my tour of the east campus, I was impressed with the fabulous facilities, the knowledgeable staff, and the dedicated students.”