Vet Tech Students Unleash Their Creative Sides

Veterinary technology students taking pharmacology at Globe University-Appleton this quarter were put to a creative challenge. In order to better understand vaccines, instructor Amy Plach gave them a unique assignment.

“The assignment was that each student needed to create a video on their topic that could be used to educate clients about their specific vaccine,” shared Amy.

vet tech

Emily’s video focused on the vaccine for rabies.

Providing client education through video

Vet tech student Emily Bradley chose to make her client education video on the vaccine for rabies. When asked why she chose this particular topic, Emily said, “We were able to pick our vaccine topic, and I picked mine because there were so many ways to visually express rabies.”

Emily described the video-making process as frustrating at first, but said it got easier as she went on.

In her video, which she made using Powtoon, Emily describes the following:

  • what rabies is
  • where carriers of the virus might live
  • how the virus is transferred
  • symptoms
  • the benefits of vaccination
  • possible side effects
  • who should be vaccinated

The video is put together in an almost commercial-like style, providing education on the overall virus and vaccination process for any pet owner.

Of this particular video, Amy said that it was, “creative and entertaining while educating the viewer.” Emily stated that she enjoyed this project and was appreciative of the opportunity to unleash some of her creativity.

To view another student’s video on the vaccine for rhinotracheitis, click here.

Flipped classroom

Amy explained that this class is a partially flipped class, meaning that each week, students are responsible for watching videos on certain topics prior to class. Amy said she gives short, Socrative quizzes, which students complete on their iPads, to test their knowledge.

“There is a medical terminology app that my students can use if they come across a medical terminology word that is new to them, to look up the meaning of the word,” Amy explained.

Overall, this was just one example of providing an Educational User Experience for our students.