Veterinary Technology Faculty Praised: Students Speak Out!

Around the third week of each quarter, the Globe University-La Crosse education team gets ready and excited for registration. We discuss how to let students know that it is (again) time to register (already), and that they need to be concerned about the courses they will be beginning almost three months from now, when they are just getting their feet wet in the current courses. It is a lot to think about and a lot to process.

veterinary technology program

Amy Stinson, top right, volunteers with Globe vet tech students and staff at Bark for Life with the American Cancer Society.

Registration started last week, and I was still thinking of ways to entice students to register. I decided to post on the Globe-La Crosse Facebook page a status asking students what their favorite course or instructor was at Globe. An overwhelming response for Veterinary Technology Program Chair Amy Stinson was evident!

Of the responses from students, the majority mentioned Amy by name! In addition to this praise, each quarter at Globe, students evaluate their instructors during the fifth week of class. Amy consistently receives outstanding scores. Most recently, she received a 4.8 score out of a possible 5 (this happens frequently).

Siovhan Tasker, a veterinary technician student, responded to the posed question, “That’s such a hard question to answer. I haven’t had an instructor I don’t like yet. I’m going to say Kari Laumb…Or, is it [general education instructor] Jodie Liedke and [her] excitement? What about Amy [Stinson] and her love for WBC [white blood cells] and everything else under the microscope? Such hard decisions!”

As you can see above, although it was a landslide for Amy and others in the veterinary technology program, our own blog writer, Jodie Liedke, earned a shout out for her enthusiasm in the classroom.

Another instructor made the list. Courtney Newton, a criminal justice student, exclaimed that her security class with Bob Norby was an “amazing class” and that she “learned a lot plus, the hands on [learning] gave me so much information pertaining to my field.”

Thank you, Globe-La Crosse students for participating in my unofficial plug for our courses and instructors. I am happy to report that all faculty and staff greatly appreciate all of your opinions from your week five course evaluations, and we do take the feedback seriously and implement changes to make your classroom experiences more beneficial for all.

This post was written by Ree Nae Roberge-Greene. Ree Nae is the Student Services and Online Learning Coordinator at Globe University-La Crosse. She has been employed in at Globe University since January 2011. She moved into the role of Student Services Coordinator in August of 2011 and loves it! Ree Nae Roberge-Greene blogs for Globe-La Crosse, and she is enjoying the challenge of finding a new and exciting topic to write about each week.