Bob’s House for Dogs Gets $820 from Vet Tech Students

veterinary technology degree, Globe University

This is the story of Globe University’s veterinary technology degree students saving the day for some dogs in need. It is also the story of Bob’s House for Dogs.

The story of Bob’s House for Dogs began in the summer of 2005. Bob, a former Humane Society dog, died. His adoptive family was heartbroken. The family chose to open a foster care facility affiliated with the Eau Claire County Humane Association.

Bob’s House for Dogs provides one-on-one loving care in a comforting home-like setting. The home can accommodate 12 dogs awaiting adoption. These dogs don’t just sit in their “Ivory Towers” wagging their tails and waiting for a family to adopt them. Rather, these dogs impact the community by volunteering their time at nursing homes and assisted living facilities, bringing joy and socialization to the dogs and the seniors.

Bob’s House for Dogs has a variety of ways to raise funds. One is a Calendar Raffle.This is a contest in which people buy one or more chances to win a prize. The winner is selected through a random drawing.  A Calendar Raffle runs for an entire month, or in the case of Bob’s House, for three months. 

This is where Globe University veterinary technology students come riding in to save the day! Twelve Veterinary Technology Club students from Globe University-Eau Claire sold 82 tickets for the Calendar Raffle raising $820 for Bob’s House for Dogs.

Christi Schock, one of the students involved in the raffle sale, reflected on the event. She stated, “It was nice to see our community helping out a local shelter.  There are a lot of animals that need our help in this area. Bob’s House is a great program to support.”

Taylor Tuinstra was equally enthusiastic about the event. “With all the generosity and help from the community and Vet Tech Club, we were able to support Bob’s House for Dogs, helping one dog at a time.”

The students also raised $300 recently for the Chippewa Humane Association by holding a taco bar on campus. This active Veterinary Technology Club is led by Globe University instructor, Heather Mann.  Heather is a volunteer and is employed at Bob’s House for Dogs. Heather also is employed at the Animal Wellness Center of Buffalo Valley in Mondovi, Wisconsin.