Why Veterinary Technology Students Should Join SCNAVTA

Globe University-Woodbury campus Student Chapter of National Veterinary Technicians in America (SCNAVTA) is a group of veterinary technology students who meet weekly during the quarter to improve the understanding of veterinary science, network with professionals and host fundraisers to raise money for local shelters and more. SCNAVTA is a part of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA).

“There are a number of benefits to joining an SCNAVTA chapter,” said Dittmann. “Not only does it help improve the student’s understanding of the veterinary science, but it helps to develop leadership skills. It also allows you to make personal and professional connections with other veterinary professionals. Joining a SCNAVTA chapter can dramatically improve the student’s ability to develop professional.

Samantha Dittel, president of SCNAVTA

SCNAVTA President: Samantha Dittel

“I wanted to become a veterinary technician because I want to help animals and be able to do all I can to give them the care they need,” said Dittel. “I joined SCNAVTA to get more involved with animals, because I want to help them however I can.”

Samantha grew up around animals and has had a passion for animal. In her free time she rides horses, snowmobiles, and plays many sports.

Cassandra Conroy, vice president of SCNAVTA

SCNAVTA Vice President: Cassandra Conroy

“I wanted to become a veterinary technician to help animals and give them excellent care,” said Conroy “I joined SCNAVTA for the experience and to make friends. I feel like it is really important to be involved and active in your program.”

Conroy is a mother of a one-year-old. She also volunteers at her local animal shelter, where she likes to work with all types of animals. In her free time she likes scrapbooking, reading and anything to do with baking.

Veronica VanPelt, secretary of SCNAVTA

SCNAVTA Secretary: Veronica VanPelt

“I wanted to become a veterinary technician to help animals and to help the clients understand what their pet is going through,” said VanPelt. “I joined SCNAVTA to make new friends and for the experience of helping animals.”

Veronica is a certified dog trainer and a volunteer at Midwest Animal Rescue and Service where she is a trainer and helps with classes. Veronica has a year old German shepherd and enjoys reading, playing with her puppy and spending time with her boyfriend and many friends.

Contact Melanie Dittmann for more information on how to join SCNAVTA and to learn more about the vet tech program at Globe University-Woodbury.