24-Degree Temps Create Unforgettable, Icy Swim

It was a mere 24 degrees and they were already shivering. The two veteran plungers among the group, Claire Knoche, registrar, and Karen Salzwedel, dean of faculty, reminisced from last year’s jump and gave tips to the newbies. Donning Globe shirts and crazy socks, The Globecicles, members of Globe University-Wausau’s 2013 Polar Plunge team, shed their coats and lined up along the stage and stared down at the icy cold water that awaited them. Their bravery benefited Special Olympics Wisconsin.

Globe University, Polar PlungeJulie Krizan, health care management program chair, began the countdown, and as she reached “one,” everyone began the leap. After that the cold water created a hurried blur to exit the water in search of dry towels and the hot tub that beckoned to them from atop the hill.

The Globecicles scrambled to gather coats, towels and group members before racing to warmth. The kids were the first to reach the top and everyone quickly piled into the hot tub. Once the shivers subsided, the laughter began and the cold was quickly forgotten. The children even stated that they were already ready to sign up for next year.

Globe University, Polar Plunge The Globecicles raised money for the Polar Plunge in several ways: donations from family and friends, a bake sale held on campus the week prior to the event, and change jars featuring the jumpers at the campus’s front desk.

The plunge had 2,360 participants in the Green Bay, Wausau and Eau Claire areas this year and nearly $500,000 was raised, with 510 plungers and roughly $109,000 of that coming from right here in our Wausau community.

“The support was tremendous and very much appreciated, and the experience was unforgettable,” said participant Desiree Ryan, Globe University-Wausau administrative assistant. “I was thrilled to be able to share the experience with my kids and teach them the importance of helping those in need. We all plan to jump again next year.”Globe University, Polar Plunge

The Globe University We Care mantra rings true and the plungers from Globe-Wausau were happy to take an ice cold swim to prove it.