5 Benefits of the Business Alliance – Everyone Wins!

Have you ever heard of a Business Alliance? Or a Business Alliance Scholarship? Well, at Globe University, we are proud to boast both! And a Business Alliance, or partnership with area businesses, and the scholarship that is subsequently available to their employees, are keys point we definitely want our community and our students to be aware of.

Business Alliances are a way for Globe University to team up with other businesses in the area in an effort to give back to the community. Business Alliances are offered FREE in order to help encourage continuous training within the workplace, through training that directly serves employers’ needs. Globe will customize any training needs to ensure educational programs align with the businesses’ objectives.

Some Benefits for Business Alliance Partners include:

1. Custom Seminars:

Business alliance, Globe University

Catherine Marshall

Professional development activities at Globe University include group seminars, single certification courses and degree programs.  They provide essential benefits for employers and employees. There are a range of delivery options such as classroom, online, and mentored learning.  This helps provide maximum flexibility and efficiency to our students and partners’ employees. Globe University offers innovative training on well defined, cutting edge topics and focuses on practical, job specific skills.

2. Employee Scholarships:

Catherine Marshall is one student taking advantage of this incredible alliance and scholarship opportunity, thanks to a Business Alliance partnership between the International Association for Administrative Professionals-Wausau Chapter (IAAP-Wausau Chapter) and Globe University-Wausau. Catherine is a professional member of the IAAP-Wausau Chapter and believes this alliance is beneficial due to the ability it gives her to be more involved within the IAAP chapter as well as promote this in the school and attempt to recruit new members.

3. Real-world, Hands-on Experience:

“This scholarship itself is beneficial to me because it offers a discount on my tuition, but more importantly it provides me with a skill set and also allows me to communicate this membership with other students who might want to be involved within the community,” Catherine said. “Being involved in a community organization is not only great for my resume, but is also great for experience. The skills and knowledge I have gained by being a part of the IAAP-Wausau Chapter and the Business Alliance are truly amazing and beneficial to me, my employer and my school. Not only do I gain experience that helps me in the workplace, but also in school.”

The skill set that Catherine has learned both through the IAAP and the classroom have complemented each other greatly. Skills such as event planning, networking, office skills such as mail merging, Adobe Acrobat and Reader knowledge, time management skills, Microsoft Office skills and more are tools that aid in every aspect of her daily life, with work, school and community involvement.

4. Developing Relationships and Networking:

“I have even learned how a committee runs itself from electing officers to money management and so much more,” Catherine said. “I would recommend other students to take advantage of this opportunity and actually be involved in this. It’s great to save money on tuition, but the skills and knowledge gained by being a part of a community organization far exceeds the saving money aspect. The knowledge and skills gained will help far into the future and help become an employee with a competitive advantage in your chosen field and industry. Not only are the skills and knowledge useful but developing professional relationships with other professionals within the community in your chosen field or in other fields, at some point you may need to ask for help or try to find a job, and all of these connections can help with that. It’s a way to pool your resources when needed.”

5. The Overall Benefit:

“As a full time employee and a full time student, who wouldn’t want to save some dollars on tuition? I know I would, and I am,” Catherine explained. “College is not cheap. Besides the money I honestly and truly value everything I have learned and gained through my place of employment, the IAAP-Wausau Chapter and Globe University. The professional skills I have learned will only benefit my future for me and my employer. Plus, with my membership as an IAAP professional member, I was able to step out and become a leader by co-chairing for the upcoming Administrative Professional’s Event on Thursday, April 18, 2013. For more information on that event please visit http://www.iaap-wausau.org/Wausau/Home/”.

For more information or to begin the steps to being a Business Alliance Partner and experiencing the great rewards that Catherine has, please contact Andrea Palas, Director of Admissions, Globe University-Wausau at 715-301-1326 or apalas@globeuniversity.edu.

Catherine E. Marshall, Administrative Professional in the Wausau area,Business Administration student at Globe University-Wausau Campus/Online
and Andrea Palas, Director of Admissions, Globe University-Wausau