Catch Someone Caring: Award Recognizes Most Caring of Them All

There is a man who does more on the Globe University-Wausau campus than most. However, he isn’t a staff or faculty member. So, that must make him a student, right? Nope!

He is Esteban Carreon, our maintenance man, and probably the most well-known member of our Globe-Wausau family! Everyone on campus knows him, loves him and would sing his praises. His selfless and genuine attitude and willingness to help anyone, in any and every way he is able, makes it only fitting that he be the very first winner of the Catch Someone Caring Award.

Globe University-Wausau

Esteban Carreon is the recipient of the first Catch Someone Caring Award at the Globe University-Wausau campus.

The Catch Someone Caring Award honors those who go above and beyond to help others on campus. These people and their nice acts are nominated by others on campus as a show of appreciation for their kindness.

His nomination for the award occurred after he helped a student who had unfortunately locked her keys in her car. Another student was moved in that moment to show her appreciation for all the wonderful things that Esteban does for all of us on a daily basis.

Nicole Kassien, massage therapy student who nominated Esteban for his award, said, “I had to nominate Esteban! It was so sweet of him to take time out of his schedule to brighten Holly’s day by helping her out when she needed it the most. How could he not be nominated as the kindest person on campus?”

In talking with others on campus, not one bad word was said about this wonderful man. Here are just a few of the glowing things that people had to say about our amazing Esteban:

“Esteban is a jack of all trades, he does it all and he is amazing.” –Tabitha Edson, accounting student

“He is always welcoming to whoever comes in. He is always willing to help, even with Spanish homework.” –Stephanie Williams, business student

“He is very willing to drop other things in order to help everyone with anything that they need. He starts his day early and ensures that the daily operations all run smoothly. I couldn’t see our campus running as smoothly as it does without him.” –Phil Handrick, business program chair

Esteban’s contribution to our campus is even mentioned at each and every graduation ceremony. Campus Director Adam Smrcka recalls a moment in his college experience regarding the name of the custodian at the university he attended, and how important it is to acknowledge and be pleasant to all people, even those you may not interact with on a consistent basis. Students in the audience each time pipe in, in sync, knowing the name and importance of Esteban to our campus family and our campus culture.

He is truly a valued member of our organization and we will never be able to thank him enough for all the caring things he does!