Embracing an Applied Education: Vet Tech Students in the Surgical Suite

Advanced students get out of the books and apply their knowledge.

Excitement, white lab coats, and focused students could be found in the surgical suite in Room 104 during Fall Quarter on Globe University’s Wausau Campus.  Through a partnership with Southwood County Humane Society, the Campus’s Veterinary Technology students applied the concepts learned in the classroom to assist the animal community.  

 Resident Veterinarian Dr. Lisa Karnitz shared that students have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice by actively participating in surgical procedures like spaying and neutering; procedures that students will commonly assist with upon entering the work force. 

 The students worked as a team to provide every stage of animal’s surgical experience: from pre-exam outdoor exercise and anxiety reduction techniques to pharmaceutical, materials prep, sterile environment and surgery assisting, followed by post-operative care. Students used their knowledge of pharmacology, animal physiology, surgical technique, and animal behavior to navigate a successful experience for the animal.  

Student Jara Simkowski is graduating June, 2012.  She expressed conscientious anxiety in describing her first surgical experience as both “nerve-wracking and fun”.  Jara finds immense value in having the chance to work in a real surgery setting under Dr. Karnitz, the resident Veterinarian that GU-Wausau employs.  “From managing a sterile environment to handling surgical tools, it really puts my book knowledge into practice and is a higher level of learning that can’t be gained from the book alone.”  Jara stated, “I look forward to graduation and feel confident that I am prepared to enter the workforce as a successful Veterinary Technician.”

Jamie Cihlar, Vet Tech Program Chair shared that providing basic care surgical procedures such as routine spay and neutering is a much-needed resource for local humane societies.   In fact, Globe University Wausau has established care relationships with five local animal centers: four Central Wisconsin Humane Societies and New Life Pet Adoption Center, a no-kill non-profit animal care center for displaced animals on Marathon County’s West side. 

Globe University-Wausau campus has received accreditation from the AVMA, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the highest standard of accreditation.  This means that Globe University-Wausau’s program has been inspected to the finest detail and meets all requirements of the AVMA.  This allows Globe University Vet Tech students the opportunity to sit for the Veterinary Technology National Examination (VTNE) and become certified in their field.

Jamie Cihlar, Veterinary Technology Program Chair states, “The much needed procedures our students and staff provided this quarter are completed at no cost to the shelters; our students are able to help maximize the health and wellness of shelter animals and in turn, prepare them for successful adoptions.”