Faculty Spotlight: Chris Carlson, Financial Aid Manager

Nestled deep into the back corner of the Globe University-Wausau faculty office, very productive and important business is being conducted—probably at this very moment. This work helps drive the success of our campus every day, one student at a time. This work is being done by Chris Carlson, our recently promoted financial aid manager.

Chris has been on the Wausau Campus since the doors opened over four years ago. He brings with him both a Bachelor’s of Science and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He is also a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant with over 20 years of service.

Photo of our new Financial Aid Manager, Chris Carlson who is dressed in his military attire

Please welcome our new Financial Aid Manager Chris Carlson

Prior to accepting the promotion to financial aid Manager, Chris was both a financial aid administrator and a high school coordinator on campus so he is familiar with the responsibilities of the new position. “My favorite part of the new role so far is working with the parents and students one on one,“ he says.

Although Chris has been very busy here on campus, he keeps busy off campus as well. “My wife and I both run businesses outside of work,” he says. “She has a photography business, and I run a firearms refurbishing business.” Chris says he has seen many different types of firearms during his time as a Marine Corps Sniper, so there isn’t much that he’s seen locally that surprises him.  “The trend I’m seeing the most of right now is actually to protect the firearm using products such as DuraCoat,” he explains.

Not only does he run his own business outside of work, he also is a self-proclaimed “car nut” and motorcycle racer. “I’ve already got a trip planned to the salt flats in Utah in September,” he explains. “I want to break the land speed record on my motorcycle.” There are only a few organizations that facilitate this type of event, with races occurring only five times a year. “It all comes down to being the one who finds the magic combination and has them figured out just right on their motorcycle,” he says.

Chris is extremely ambitious both in his professional and personal life. I asked him what advice he would give any student that walked through his door. “Choose a career you are passionate about,” he says. “Don’t go to work because of the money; go to work because you love what you do.”

Be sure to say hi to Chris the next time you see him on campus and wish him good luck in September!