From Wisconsin with Love: Hurricane Sandy Relief Continues

The 3rd Globe Style Giveaway (GSG) closed up shop at the Globe University-Wausau campus on November 16, but it didn’t end there!  The donations for the GSG continue to help others long after that date, and beyond the campus location.

Hurricane Sandy reliefThe Globe Style Giveaway is a semi-annual event at the Wausau campus sponsored by the Student Ambassador Group and the Student Excellence Committee.  Donations of clothing, shoes, accessories, toys and household items are collected and organized, and then made available at absolutely no charge to all members of the Wausau campus community.  This quarter, food items were also collected.

Jessika Carlson, a Student Ambassador who is earning her medical assistant degree, observed, “I heard a lot of really great things about the GSG this quarter and it really seemed to be a success.” 

Despite the success of the event, there are always items left at the end of the event.  In the past, these items have been donated to local charities. 

This quarter, however, Sarah Dahlke and Sabrina Steele, students in the massage therapist school at Globe, stepped forward with a broader reaching suggestion – to donate these items to Hurricane Sandy relief.  These students even offered to pack the remaining items and deliver them to a donation point.  They said of the experience:

“After the Globe Style Giveaway was through, we offered to help out the Student Ambassadors by boxing up the remainders so that we could take them to be donated to the people out east affected by Hurricane Sandy.  We wanted to extend an extra helping hand to all in need, especially the children.  One thing we have learned from our school is to help our community, and we wanted to go further and help outside our community as well.”

As Sarah and Sabrina intended, the donation to Hurricane Sandy relief will definitely help children.  The donation contained many children’s items, thanks in part to a large donation to the GSG from Wausau Childcare, Inc. – Cedar Creek.  This community neighbor learned of our event and offered a very large donation of items left from their own fundraising sale.  These items were appreciated by many on our campus and beyond.

The food donations were made available to our campus community through Thanksgiving, and the remaining items will be made available again in the last weeks of the quarter.  The items remaining after that will be donated to a local charity.

The success of this quarter’s GSG is due in large part to the efforts of the Student Ambassador group, who are already looking forward to the next successful event. 

Molly Thao, a Student Ambassador from the business program, said: “It was a great opportunity to help coordinate the Globe Style Giveaway. The moment you see someone cherish the item you donated is priceless; I will definitely do this again.  It was such a great feeling knowing that people appreciated the things that were donated.”