Globe Students Have Fun Supporting the Special Olympics

By: Katie Heisler, ABC club president and student ambassador

Recently, the Globe University-Wausau ABC (accounting, business and criminal justice) club officers took part in the festivities surrounding the Fun Run in Marathon, Wisconsin to support Special Olympics.

The Fun Run event is combination of a motorcycle rally, 5k run, Strong Man competition and semi pull.  All proceeds from this event benefit Special Olympics.

Motorcycles from surrounding communities lined the streets in support of this event and added a sense of excitement to the day. “At 5:26, at the end of the ride, all you could hear was the sound of engines,” said Katie Heisler, president of the club. “Over the music, over the crowds, over everything was this rumble of engines. I’ve never heard anything like it.”

ABC club officers with motorcycles at the Fun Run event

Katie Heisler, Tiffany Karlen and Katie Syring with one of the many motorcycles at the Fun Run event

Men and women from all over the state came to Marathon to test their strength in the Strong Man competition and the semi pull. The Strong Man competition had many different events the participants had to do to show their strength. The most impressive was being able to pull a cement truck! It was intense with all the adrenaline rushing around the crowd as these teams gathered to pull the truck.  Cheering could be heard blocks away in the support of these teams.

Those driving through the normally quiet town of Marathon City found the streets full of markers for the 5k course and a crowd of brightly attired participants! Many people braved the heat to walk or run for this cause. There were moms walking and running with their toddlers in strollers, dads running with their kids through the finish line, and even young children navigating the course themselves to support this event.

After the events had settled, medals were handed out, and bikers returned from the ride, it was time to feed the amazing people who participated in so many ways for the same cause.

ABC club officers manning the food stand at the Fun Run event

Katie Syring, Katie Heisler and Tiffany Karlen getting ready to serve the crowds at the Fun Run event

This is where the ABC club officers swung into action. They managed the food and served the amazing participants and all the supporters at this event. BBQ pulled pork and plain shaved pork, hamburgers, brats, hot dogs, chips, and so many different goodies were served throughout the day. “It was a steady flow of people at the stand,” said Katie Heisler. “We met many interesting people.”

Music flowed throughout the park, courtesy of a live band that volunteered to play for this cause. It was impossible to not get into the amazing energy that was running through the park grounds. The club officers had a great time dancing and laughing behind the counter throughout the festivities.

“It was fun,” said Katie Syring, club secretary. “It was a great opportunity to be a part of the Fun Run and I look forward to volunteering next year.”