Globe University-Wausau: A Student’s Perspective

By Katie Heisler, business student and student ambassador

Deciding which business college is the right fit is always hard to make, no matter the age of the person about to embark on this new adventure. It can be easy to become so focused on the classes and curriculum offered by these institutions that you forget to look at the other things, like the events, support and atmosphere, that make up the college experience. It is often difficult to even find out about these aspects in order to make an informed choice.

Photo of Katie Heisler using campus library resources

Katie Heisler using the Globe University-Wausau campus library resources

Globe University-Wausau offers great programs with solid curriculum and hands-on learning. I am having a wonderful experience with the business program myself. But this campus also offers amazing things beyond the curriculum.


The best thing about Globe University is the fact the instructors and staff truly care about each student who attends their campuses. Globe University-Wausau’s faculty and staff understand that many of their students are nontraditional, which means that their students often have families, homes, job and other commitments outside of school, and juggling schoolwork, too, can be overwhelming.

Students looking for a place to study with minimal noise head to the study center off of the commons. The comfortable setting in the study center include couches, computers and tables. The study center is staffed by instructors who are available if help is needed – just look for the schedule posted outside the study center door.

Tutoring is provided at Globe University-Wausau as well. Any student who is struggling with a class needs only to make an appointment to see the dean of education to make arrangements for individual tutoring with an instructor.


Photo of students using study center

Cody Tokarski and Maurice Steffens, massage therapy students, making use of the study center

Globe University-Wausau strives for their students to be successful so they always find ways to appreciate and recognize the hardworking students that attend the campus. Globe University-Wausau hosts a student appreciation event about halfway through each quarter to give students a chance to breathe and relax. This gives students a chance to enjoy getting to know that staff that works behind the scenes. It’s a fun way to mingle, joke and enjoy some free food with the Globe family.

The faculty and staff of Globe University-Wausau want all students to feel a sense of community on the campus and beyond. They encourage their students to be involved in the campus clubs and to participate in campus-wide events. Whenever Globe University-Wausau is involved in or aware of community events, students receive emails that encourage us to get involved in something that makes us part of a whole. Service learning and applied learning projects are regularly part of the curriculum at Globe University, and Community Service Day is an annual event.


When most students hear the word “library” they automatically assume it’s a place for studying and resources. That’s not all there is to the Wausau campus library – it also has a very resourceful and energetic librarian who is willing to help students whenever it’s needed. Nora Craven, the librarian, isn’t just the go-to person for resources, but she’s also the person to go to for some fun!

Nora the librarian offers trivia every day, which can result in winning some prizes and candy. Don’t forget to read the blogs on our campus website — they just might be your ticket to win!

Photo of staff and faculty of Globe University - Wausau

Staff and faculty of Globe University -Wausau -photo by Donna Zerovec

When students need a break from the hard work of classes and homework, the library is the place to be around the 15th of every month. All students, staff and faculty are invited to “bring their game” to the library for Game Day. This is a social time with food, beverages and as many games as you want to play! If you have a break during the day, you are welcome to stop in and enjoy some laughs.

This is just a glimpse of what is available at Globe University-Wausau in addition to the classes and curriculum. Globe University has many other resources to offer, so don’t hesitate to ask!