Globe University Wausau Library Hosts Banned Books Event

During Week 1 of Fall Quarter, the Globe University – Wausau Campus Library celebrated Banned Books Week with activities, festivities and displays.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Banned Books Week.  American Library Association’s Banned Books Week is an annual event intended to bring awareness of the dangers of censorship and restriction of access to information.  Most importantly, this week celebrates the right to access of information that we have in this country.  Although books continue to be challenged or banned throughout this country, usually in public schools and public libraries, most of these challenges are unsuccessful and the book remains available, thus enabling all of us to explore or express ideas, even those that are outside of the mainstream, nonconformist or objectionable. 

The Banned Books Week festivities at the Wausau campus library culminated in the 2nd Annual Banned Books and FOOD contest.  In this event, participants can enter any type of dish they choose, but the name of the dish must allude to the title of a banned or challenged book or a reason why a book might be challenged.  This year’s entries included 451˚F chili, Lord of the Pumpkin Rings cookies, Of Mice and Mice candy, Catch Your Chips with Rye sandwiches, Black Beauty Rolls, and Chocolate Chip War cookies. 

The coveted YUMMIEST title went to Kerry Miller-Mouzon and her Of Mice and Mice candy, runner up was Nancy Curtin’s Lord of the Pumpkin Rings cookies.  BEST NAME title went to Lori Mott’s Catch Your Chips with Rye sandwiches!  Congratulations to our winners!  We also extend a huge thank you to everyone who helped make Banned Books Week a successful event this year by participating in the activities this week and to all those who entered the Banned Books and FOOD contest.  Remember to continue to celebrate your freedom to read throughout the year!   

Written by: Nora Craven, Librarian, Globe University – Wausau