Graduation ceremony bridges education to career opportunities.

June 22, 2012 was a momentous occasion for 23 graduates from Globe University-Wausau . Each graduate moved their tassels from right to left while Pomp and Circumstance played, signifying the bridge leading from education to  meaningful career opportunities.  4 master’s hoodings, 18 associate degrees, and 1 diploma were awarded to a cohort of hardworking, dedicated students ready to enter the local workforce with skills ready to meet the immediate needs of employers and the community.  Globe University was honored to host Major Todd Mayr,  U.S. Army Reserve Officer, WIAA State Official, and Educator, as the evening’s Keynote Speaker.

Spring Graduates are entering the following career fields:

Business Administration (Master of Science): Jill Niemann

Administrative Assistant (Diploma): Marilyn D. Jeske

Criminal Justice (Associate in Applied Science): Joshua S. Joswick

Management (Master of Science):Stacey Lilla, Andrea Palas, Sunny Ray Slade.

Massage Therapy (Associate in Applied Science): Yolanda DeLoach, Katie A. Dotson, Brooke Eggebrecht, Kesi Krueger.

Medical Assistant (Associate in Applied Science): Penny M. Borchardt, Ashley DeBauch, Travis L. Floyd, Jacquelyn Krueger, Brenda A. Warner.

Paralegal (Associate in Applied Science): Brenda S. Mayr, Jaquelyn L. Mengel, Beth Shampo.

Veterinary Technology (Associate in Applied Science): Arielle D. Groshek, Karen Osborne, Krystal A. Schisel, Jara L. Simkowski, Katie E. Van Strydonk.

Graduates are either already working in a career field following a successful externship, or are working with Globe University’s Career Services Department at placement in the career fields listed above.  If you are interested in learning more about Globe University Spring graduates employability or about Globe University’s programs that create career-ready employees, contact Christine Ellis, Community Relations Specialist at Globe University-Wausau: 715.301.1354.