Staff Spotlight: Admissions Representative Judy Welch

When walking the halls at Globe University-Wausau, you no doubt will see plenty of smiling faces. Recently, the campus was fortunate to welcome one more smiling face to their admissions team with Judy Welch.

Judy comes to Globe from the Birnamwood area and has an associate degree in human services. She began her career in the health care world as a CNA and a care advocate specialist.

Admissions Representative Judy Welch holds open the front door to campus, waving to welcome in new students

Our newest Admissions Representative Judy Welch is excited to welcome new students to our campus

Although she had tremendous passion for her work and enjoyed what she was doing in the health care world, she realized there were many dangerous situations that could potentially jeopardize her safety. With two little girls at home, Judy opted to move into a safer work environment and took on a role in sales management.

She excelled in her role in sales, earning multiple awards including a prestigious President’s Award which she won out of a candidate pool of 700 people. She found out, though, that her heart just wasn’t in it.  “My true passion is helping people,” she says. “I truly missed it.”

That is how she came to Globe. Judy found out about the opportunity and immediately applied. It didn’t take her long to settle in and get back to helping people but in a safer, more rewarding, way.

“Enrolling the student is my favorite part of the job so far,” she says. “It’s exciting to work with them as they can see their lives changing,” says Judy. “It’s a great feeling getting to help set a student up for success.”

When Judy isn’t working, she enjoys snowmobiling and spending time up north. She owns a permanent campground in Minocqua that she frequently visits throughout the summer with her boyfriend, Nick, her two daughters, Lydia and Paige, and their two dogs, Tundra and Rocky. She also spends time with her two daughters by being active with their Girl Scout troop.

There is a bit of rivalry, however, at home. She lives in a divided household: her boyfriend and her oldest daughter are both Detroit Lion’s fans while she and her youngest daughter are Green Bay Packer fans. “Sometimes the games get a little heated,” she admits. “It’s all in good fun, though.”

Judy is excited to be at Globe and getting back to what she loves doing. She encourages everyone to do the same. “When you’re doing something right, you know it” she says. “Always follow your heart.”