The Skills and the Heart: Faculty attitude and passion make an inspiring difference.

Marcee Liebscher and Jessica Dale, R.N.

Does a typical college teacher- student relationship—include flowers and thank you cards??  In Marcie Liebscher’s world it does.   When Marcie began her college career as a student in Globe University’s Medical Assisting program, her core courses proved to be challenging and difficult.  Her education experience before entering GU-Wausau’s doors was an everyday one:  teachers who were available, but not willing to go above and beyond to inspire students.  In addition to work and family obligations, the challenges of college brought emotions of self-doubt and fear for Marcee, “What if I can’t master the material?”  Enter Jessica Dale, R.N. and Medical Assisting Faculty for Globe University Wausau.

“When I had no faith in myself, she {Jessica Dale} did have faith, she would push me just a little harder- on learning my comps in Patient Care I—proving to me that anything is possible if I just keep trying.”   Marcee shared that Jessica’s caring, optimistic spirit and one- of- a- kind personality have inspired her.  “Jessica always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude- making her approachable –allowing students to achieve excellence through the knowledge she is always willing to share.”  Marcee also shared that Jessica does not like the word “CAN’T”- and helps students understand their inner-strengths as learners.  Instilling these assets in students who become an integral part of the medical community upon graduation sets apart the quality of care they provide to patients in the medical settings they work.  Marcee wants people to know that Jessica Dale is the definition of a “Can-Do” attitude.

When Jessica received flowers and a handwritten card from Marcee thanking her for the high quality teaching experience she provided during Spring Quarter, her heartstrings were struck. Upon learning of Marcee’s appreciation, Jessica thanks Marcee.  “The simple fact that she finds me compassionate as an instructor really means a lot. It is very meaningful on multiple levels. I have always wanted to teach in some capacity. I grew up with a father as a teacher and through my education and career I have had some instructors that have really changed me personally and professionally.”

Jessica went on to say, “I believe that medical education is made up of two things:  the skills and then the heart. Both are equally important.  To be able to provide quality care encompasses both, something I try to stress in the classroom. Marcee and students like her make teaching very rewarding.  She (Marcee) is one of those individuals who have qualities of an exceptional Medical Assistant: she has a big heart and is very compassionate– the type of medical assistant I would like to provide care to myself and my family. I am thankful to be a part of her education as she travels down that road to success.”

Jessica’s shared further, “Last year before my father passed away we started a blog of sorts about him.  What blew him away was the amount of former students he had that commented on what a difference he made and what an inspiration he was.  I want to say thank you to Marcee for allowing me to feel a little of what he did– helping me make my father — a teacher– proud.  Her thank you card to me sits proudly on his urn, as I thank him for inspiring me and as I thank Marcee for reaffirming what a gift it is to teach!”                                                                                                                                                           Story courtesy of interviews with Marcee Liebscher, Medical Assisting student and Jessica Dale, R.N.