United We Can! GU Wausau builds food sculpture, earns Best School/Non-profit Division Award

Do you ever wonder where all of the local food pantries get their food?  It is an insurmountable task to continue stocking the shelves of more than 8 local community pantries in Wisconsin’s largest county.  The United Way has found a creative way to stock those shelves by engaging the community, promoting team work and providing an opportunity to come together and tackle the Hunger Challenge by creating the United We Can Event: an invitation for businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations to create a sculpture using food items– also known as a “Canstruction”.

The Event hosted 22 businesses– large and small– and everything from an in -motion  helicopter to a river scene with a walking bridge to a playground to a paddling kayaker were sculpted out of food items!

And, what did GU Wausau build, you ask?  A graduate wearing a Globe University graduation cap, of course!  Thanks to Bill Meyer and Evergreen Engineering for your huge help and support in drawing planning, drawing, and creating with us!  The Globe Graduate, named “Gabe, the Graduate” was comprised of: 30 large oatmeals, 48 small oatmeals, 73 peanut butters, 81 applesauces, and 173 boxes of the various dried fruit.

The theme for GU Wausau’s graduate was “Healthy Breakfast Foods”.  Over 1000 oatmeal breakfasts could be served from the large and small oatmeal containers.  The cap is made of dried fruit, the face is made of large jars of peanut butter, and the hair (seen via the back photo below) is made of applesauce jars.

GU Wausau won the Schools/Non-profits category for this year!  We had a title to defend after the giant globe that we built out of tuna cans last year; we have defended the title, and more importantly, stocked our local food pantry shelves!  Thank you to Desiree Ryan, Nor Craven, the Student Ambassador group, and fellow students, staff, and faculty who all contributed and who championed the cause to end hunger in Marathon County and represent GU-Wausau.  Pictured above: Ashley Bishop (Vet Tech), Desiree Ryan, Dynamic Administrative Leader, Sarah Dahlke, (Massage Therapy) Student Ambassador, Nora Craven, Campus Librarian Extraordinaire, Nancy Lindsley, (Massage Therapy) Student Ambassador, Sabrina Steele  (Massage Therapy), and Christy Goltz (Criminal Justice) Student Ambassador.

Globe University Wausau has also “won” when it comes to finding innovative business leaders in our local community to partner with and enrich our students’ experiences of education.  Bill Meyer we are proud to call you partner and excited for what next year’s collaboration will be!  You are a tremendous asset to our community and we love working with you each year on United We Can!

Check out Evergreen Engineering’s website: http://www.evergreencivil.com/

Want to continue stocking your local food pantries year round?  Check out how to get involved and be part of the United Way’s work to end hunger in Marathon County!http://www.unitedwaymc.org/hungercoalition.htm