Vet Tech Student Interns at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

The opportunity to visit the “happiest place on earth” is something that most people only dream about. For Rebecca Harrell, a veterinary technology student at Globe University-Wausau, that dream not only became a reality but a once-in-a-lifetime experience working as an intern at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom.rebecca harrell

Rebecca said she was on Facebook one night and started reading about the Fall Advantage internship opportunities offered at Disney. It seemed to be exactly the kind of experience she was looking for to enhance her education.

She completed the online process, sent her college transcripts, references and then completed a phone interview. Rebecca was offered the internship and from June 2015 until January 2016 and had an experience like no other.

The paid internship at Disney provided Rebecca with free housing, transportation, costumes, shoes, complimentary park passes and food discounts. Although she worked a lot, Rebecca was able to enjoy herself by visiting all the parks at Disney, meeting some of her favorite Disney characters, along with a few celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Chris Evans and Tracey Morgan. Her family was also able to visit her for 10 days and enjoy some of the perks her internship provided as well.


While at Disney, Rebecca worked two different jobs, one was in food service and the other a perfect fit for her field of study in veterinary technology, in the “Affection Section” of Animal Kingdom. This area had an animal show as well as a petting zoo with animals such as goats, bulls, pigs and llamas. Disney’s Animal Kingdom has its own veterinary clinic on site.

“It was a great opportunity to network and make it known that I would love to get a job there after I completed my degree and gained some practical work experience,” Rebecca said. “I was told already being in the Disney system will be a big advantage for me.”

“There are many wonderful things that happen when you’re there. You meet a bunch of new people and make some great friends. Friends I hope to have forever. When you are at Disney, each day brings something new and is always a different adventure,” Rebecca shares.

rebecca4Rebecca said she would highly recommend it to anyone interested in an internship at Disney.

“I definitely would do it all over again. They don’t tell you that the moment you say goodbye, you’re already wishing you could hit the rewind button and start all over again.”

And for those of you that think an opportunity like Rebecca’s seems impossible, dare to dream because as Rebecca learned, dreams really do come true.